Click-Action {random_player} #757

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  • TwitchThies created this issue Mar 24, 2018

    Could you add a new click action where you become a random player
    through the broadcast writes? For example, for events.

       COMMAND: 'broadcast: &cEvent &8* &7Den &6Pro &7Rang hat &6{random_player} &7gewonnen!'
       NAME: '&eRangverlosung &8» &6Pro &8* &7Gewinner'
       ID: '402'
       POSITION-X: 3
       POSITION-Y: 2
       KEEP-OPEN: true

    The {random_player} here stands for the player who has won the pro rank.
    Can you add this?

    Sorry for my English, I'm from Germany!

  • TwitchThies added a tag New Mar 24, 2018
  • Tanguygab_MC posted a comment Aug 20, 2018

    try this

    COMMAND: 'console:tellraw @a ["",{"text":"Event","color":"red"},{"text":" "},{"text":"*","color":"dark_gray"},{"text":" "},{"text":"Den ","color":"gray"},{"text":"Pro ","color":"gold"},{"text":"Rang hat ","color":"gray"},{"selector":"@r","color":"gold"},{"text":" "},{"text":"gewonnen!","color":"gray"}'


    I didn't try but I think it should do what you want

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