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  • _ForgeUser10283823 created this issue Dec 20, 2017

    Hello. Very nice plugin.
    But I got a question.

    Okay. Imagine you have a "menu" were you can create a skyblock. When you made a Skyblock, that same menu will change the content of it. So there is no choice of making a Skyblock, but to deleting a Skyblock instead. 
    Would that be possible?

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  • waffletime_ posted a comment Jul 4, 2018

    There is no way to do this right now, but I have a trick, and I hope will work in your situation


    Also at the command where it creates a skyblock, put this command  'menu: Buy.yml' and change Buy.yml to your menu about deleting the skyblock's name. This will do the trick


    If you want to look like the content changed, you can put the same number of rows on both menus.


    I hope I helped! Good luck!



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