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  • vladbielov created this issue Dec 17, 2017

    I want to buy the "Double Barrel Shotgun" for "dye:1" "iron_ingot:0, 150", and the system takes only "iron_ingot:0, 150" 
    What should I do with the system? She must take 2 items
    Sorry for my bad English.
    I want make server with mini-game "Rust" :)

  • vladbielov added a tag Other Dec 17, 2017
  • XxMr1234GamerZxX posted a comment Jul 4, 2018

    you cant have two seprate (REQUIRED_ITEM)


    instead you should use 


    REQUIRED-ITEM: dye:1; iron_ingot, 150


    the (;) sperates the items

  • humanoidaaa posted a comment Aug 16, 2019


    when rebooting the plugin I get an error if I use the symbol ";"
    Help me, please


    part of my configuration: 

      COMMAND: 'give: 264'
      REQUIRED-ITEM: dye:1; iron_ingot, 150
      NAME: 'Sell dirt'
      ID: 3
      POSITION-X: 2
      POSITION-Y: 1




    #------------------- Chest Commands Errors -------------------#
    1) The icon "example" in the menu "myfirst.yml" has an invalid REQUIRED-ITEM: invalid data value "1;ironingot"

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