PRICE: function not working? #739

  • _ForgeUser12481552 created this issue Aug 20, 2017

    For some reason the PRICE: setting does not seem to work for my GUI's.  Whenever someone clicks on a Icon with a price asociated with it, it just runs the command, wether they have enough money or not. No money is even subtracted from the account.

    Running latest versions of Chest Commands, PaperSpigot (tested on normal 1.12.1 spigot too), Vault and EssentialsX (Tested with CoreEconomy too).

    Users tested with where not OP either, nor did they have the bypass node for economy. Tripple checked this, with multiple alt accounts too.

    Heres a snippet of the menu:

    COMMAND: 'console: lp user {player} permission set deluxetags.tag.hunter; lp user {player} permission set deluxetags.tag.huntress; lp user {player} permission set essentials.sethome.multiple.prestige1 towny; lp user {player} permission set essentials.workbench towny; lp user {player} permission set SyncCraft.Use towny; lp user {player} permission set towny; lp user {player} permission set prestige.level.1 towny'
    PRICE: '7500.0'
    NAME: '&6&l[*] &ePrestige I - Hunter/Huntress &6&l[*]'
    - ''
    - '&fThis Prestige level gives you the'
    - '&ffollowing Perks:'
    - ''
    - '&f - &6Hunter/Huntress Tag'
    - '&f - &74 Homes'
    - '&f - &7Access to /Workbench'
    - '&f - &7Access to Hopper Upgrades'
    - '&f - &70.1% Job Income Increase'
    - ''
    - '&aPrice: &e7.5k'
    ID: 449

    The above dosent charge users any money.

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