Only orange stained wool/glass available?! #738

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  • king_of_samurai created this issue Aug 15, 2017

    Hello Guys,


    I'm trying to make a menu with light blue stained glass pane, but I get orange stained glass pane?!


    Can someone help me pls?

    I tried ID: stained_glass_pane:3

                ID: 160:3

                ID: 'stained_glass_pane:3'

                ID: '160:3'



    Have a nice week ;D

  • king_of_samurai added a tag Defect Aug 15, 2017
  • king_of_samurai edited description Aug 15, 2017
  • Dimxotl posted a comment Aug 18, 2017

    Data values are read as a seperate node:



    so try:

    ID: stained_glass_pane


    Edited Aug 18, 2017

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