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  • _ForgeUser13811956 created this issue Aug 15, 2016

    What is the issue?

    I am trying to make a shop from your plugin, great plugin by the way used a lot on my server, but I am trying to make a buy/sell shop. First to start off is there a way I can make a buy/sell shop on the same window with the same item, for example (Left Click to buy, Right Click to sell) and is there a way I can sell in bulk, for example (Shift Left Click to buy x64, and Shift Right Click to buy x64) Also when I already tried to make the shop I tried doing the following command - COMMAND: 'give: 6 :1; tell: &a$32 has been taken from your account.' but when trying to purchase the item in game it brings up error code - The item format contains an invalid number: 6:1, Please notify the admins. If you can get back to me that would be much appreciated. If you can also answer all of my questions and somehow provide me with coding that would be necesary to make it all work i.e. Buy/Sell on same icon with left or right click and or sell bulk and buy bulk. Thank you

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    - Dragendd

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  • _ForgeUser13811956 added an attachment SHOP.txt Aug 15, 2016


    <p>This is what my wood GUI Shop looks like now</p>

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