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  • _ForgeUser19646825 created this issue Aug 3, 2016

    Hey! I have one problem: I've created a GUI and there's a item. When you click on it you get a emerald and it takes 25$ from your account. Now the problem: I have Vault, Essentials and a other economy plugin, called PointsAPI (http://mine-home.net/product?id=14) installed. Vault has set PointsAPI as the primary Economy System (http://prntscr.com/c15zkz). But when I want to buy/sell something with ChestCommands it uses EssentialsEconomy. And then EssentialsEconomy set the balance to a weird number. For example I have 500$ on your account and buy something for 25$. Then you should have 475$, but EssentialsEconomy displays you a wrong number like 1053$ or something else. And the point is, it even shouldn't use Essentialseconomy, it should use PointsAPI.

    ChestCommands: 3.1.4
    Spigot 1.8.8
    Essentials 2.x (Minecraft 1.8)
    PointsAPI 1.6.2

    I hope anyone can help me; and sorry for my not very good english, that's because I'm german.

    ~ MrJonton01

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