Chest Commands v3.0


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    Nov 3, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.9-R0.2
  • 1.7.4
  • 1.6.4


Yes, I broke the autoupdater on purpose. This update should be installed manually and everyone should read the changelog.

The plugin has been completely recoded! It uses now clean & efficient code.

Please consider donating (link in the main page), I spent a lot of time on this plugin for free, just for the community.

Changes (please read before updating)

  • The alias /chc has been changed to /cc
  • Changed all the variable placeholders, these are the new placeholders:
    • {player}
    • {online} (number of players online)
    • {max_players}
    • {money}
    • {world}
  • Removed the extra permission needed to open a menu with an item. To open a menu, just give the permission ""
  • Removed "open-sound", in its place there's now "open-action". It works like icon commands (see the example menu packed in the jar file)
  • In menu-settings, "item-id" has been changed to "id". You can use a colon ":" to restrict the opening to a specific data value. If you use numerical ids, you have to quote it. "left-click" and "right-click" has not been changed.
  • Startup errors are printed to the console in a better way.


  • Customizable placeholders.yml file, with unicode symbols. You can now add any symbol (find more inside the file), or create a static placeholder that is displayed on multiple items.
  • If you have the permission "chestcommands.errors" when you join the server, if the plugin has found errors on load, it will inform you and tell how many errors it found.
  • Added "sound: " icon command. Format is COMMAND: "sound: soundName, pitch, yaw" (Sound names)
  • Added "dragon-bar: " icon command. This command requires BarAPI. Format is COMMAND: "dragon-bar: time | message", where time is the delay in seconds after which the dragon bar will be hidden. It's similar to the icon command "tell: "
  • Added node "PERMISSION-MESSAGE" to icons, to display a custom message when the user doesn't have the PERMISSION required. This is useful if you want to change the message for each item.
  • Added some material aliases, like "nether warts" instead of "nether stalk", "iron bar" instead of "iron fence".
  • "server: " command now accepts "server" without colon e.g. COMMAND: "server hub"


  • The auto updater. This forces people to read the changelogs.
  • "give-item: " icon command type. The reason is that there's already "give: ", and for complex items you can use minecraft's default /give command from the console, or use Essentials.