Chest Commands v2.0


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    Nov 7, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.6.4
  • 1.6.2


v2.0: the big update

DO NOT USE WITH 1.7, OR REMOVE ID 36 FROM THE SHOP! You can use the newer version v2.0.2.

Critical changes

  • ICON-ITEM has become ID
  • DESCRIPTION has become LORE
  • (You can use any text editor and use find & replace)
  • It's highly recommanded to regenerate the plugin's folder (make a backup or your menus!)
    • There are now 5 default menus: main-menu, plugin-tutorial (quite the same), example.yml (revamped), simple-shop (new!), admin-console (new!)
    • As usual, open the main menu with /menu.

Normal priority changes

  • new node: REQUIRED-ITEM, require items to click.
    • format is REQUIRED-ITEM: <id>,[amount],[datavalue]
    • <id> is required, [amount] and [datavalue] are optional
    • example (to require 10x orange wool): REQUIRED-ITEM: 35,10,1
    • Added a configurable message in config.yml
    • Can be combined with PRICE (both conditions will be checked before taking money/items and executing commands)
  • added new type of commands -> "giveitem:" and "givemoney:"
    • giveitem: can be used with an item of items.yml (read below)
    • givemoney:<amount> can be used only with Vault and an economy plugin
  • added file items.yml (in the main folder), is used for giving items with custom names and lores in COMMAND.
    • items' format is the same as icons in menus
    • you can refer to an item by using its internal name
    • To give the item named "example" (do not confuse with NAME) to a player: COMMAND: 'giveitem:example'
  • Added data value to menu-settings: when right clicking with items, you can now require a specific data value
    • Add "data-value: <number>" below item-id.
    • If you don't want to have restrictive data values, DELETE that node, do NOT just set it to 0 (as it would require data value = 0)
  • New placeholders (can be used in commands like <player> and <world> , NOT in icons' names and lores)
    • <online_players> = number of online players
    • <max_players> = slots of the server
  • Added more symbols [cross], [/], [x], [arrow_up], [arrow_down], [arrow_left], [arrow_right]
  • Added /chc checkperms to check if a player has permissions to open a menu
  • Updater will no longer freeze the server at startup or when downloading an update
  • Huge code rewritings