Chest Commands v1.7


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    Aug 5, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.6.2
  • 1.5.2
  • 1.4.7



  • Added menu signs. They work like Essentials signs, put [menu] in the first line, and the file name in the second (you can omitt ".yml"). If the operation was successful, the first line will be blue. If not, it will be red and an error message will appear.
  • Added economy support. You need Vault and an economy plugin (iConomy, Essentials, Boseconomy, etc)
    • Use 'PRICE: number' in your menus to charge users for using that item. (Example: 'PRICE: 5.8' will require 5.8 money to execute the command)
    • Configurable command when the user don't have money (placeholder: <price>). NOTE: if the user had enough money, no message will be displayed.
    • Permission for bypass: chestcommands.economy.bypass
  • Added stack size support. You can use AMOUNT: 10 for example to have 10 of that item.
  • Added KEEP-OPEN (default is false) if set to true, the menu will not close after clicking (good for shops).

    TIP: open the file example.yml in the zip file to see the new config nodes.


  • Improved commands handling. Now they are executed as the player really typed them.
  • Removed COMMAND: 'alias:...' because you don't need it anymore.
  • Improved permission handling and feedback:
    • If you don't have a permission, it will tell you what are you missing.
    • Changed permissions: all the permissions for commands are chestcommands.command.<command>, for example, or
    • Having the permission chestcommands.item.<filename> grants automatically the permission to open the menu (<filename>)
    • Changed permission for /chc open: & (this will grant access to every menu)
    • Now requires the permission to open the specified menu. E.g. /chc open menu.yml requires two permissions: and
  • Still compatible with 1.6.x, 1.5.x, 1.4.x...


  • Added command: /chc open <file> [player] - permission: chestcommands.opencommand.self & chestcommands.opencommand.others (if you specify a player name) - [player] is optional.
  • Added command /chc list - permission: chestcommands.list - displays a list of correctly loaded menus.
  • Better feedback on errors: now it tells you to check the console.
  • Still compatible with 1.6.1, 1.5.2, 1.4.7...


It's highly recommanded to regenerate the plugin's folder. Make a backup of your menu.yml. This is because the configuration changed.

  • Added multiple menus: you will find them in /plugins/ChestCommands/menu folder. You will also find a tutorial.
  • Added command type -> ' open:filename.yml ' to open another menu
  • Added extra check for items out of the chest: it will now cut the items that are out of the chest.
  • New permission system: to open the menu with commands (eg
    and to open the menu with the item: chestcommands.item.filename.yml. This will not give you the permission to open the menu from another one, nor the permission to use the command.
  • Per-menu settings: inside each .yml file you can set the name, the amount of rows, the item (optional) and the command (optional).
  • If the plugin tells you that it can't find a menu, check the console for errors. Remember that 'name' and 'rows' are required in each menu.


  • Fixed bug with opening other GUI plugins
  • Added left-click-option, false by default (you can delete the menu-item-id, now it's organized differently, or you can regenerate config.yml)


  • Fixed clicking with the item on air (now works)
  • Added logging for commands
  • Added multiple commands separate them with ;
  • Added command as console put 'console:' before the command
  • Added command for alias plugin put 'alias:' before the command
    This is an example of how to use these new features:
COMMAND: 'console:say This is an example of how to use multiple commands;tell <player> and execute them as console or as the player;alias:shortcut this is for plugins that creates new command!'

Output: console using say command, player talking to himself, and a possible shortcut created by other plugin (but probably the command would be shorter)


  • Fixed config regeneration bug
  • Fixed menu activating with all commands that starts with the choosen command


  • Regenerate your configs, please!
  • Added custom item to open the menu (in config.yml: menu-itemid: 340 by default)
  • Added permission to open the menu with the item (chestcommands.item)


  • Added placeholder: <player> .It will be replaced by the player's name.
  • Added command logging to console.
  • Added support for plugins that create commands on the go (aliases, or informational custom commands)


  • Changed name, commands, and permissions!
    • new permissions: chestcommands.use, chestcommands.update
    • new commands: /chestcommands, /chc
    • new name: Chest Commands!
  • Added support for meta data: you can use the node DATA-VALUE. If not set, it will not affect the item.


  • Added placeholders (you can use these everywhere):
    • <3 = ❤
    • [*] = ★
    • [**] = ✹
    • [p] = ●
    • [v] = ✔
    • [+] = ♦
    • [++] = ✦
  • Fixed debug output, fixed some possible errors
  • If you remove the COMMAND the menu will only close (for descriptions)
  • If you remove the DESCRIPTION only the name will appear
  • Better default menu (regenerate it to see it)