Chest Commands v1.5.1


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    Jul 11, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.6.2
  • 1.6.1
  • 1.5.2



  • Added command: /chc open <file> [player] - permission: chestcommands.opencommand.self & chestcommands.opencommand.others (if you specify a player name) - [player] is optional.
  • Added command /chc list - permission: chestcommands.list - displays a list of correctly loaded menus.
  • Better feedback on errors: now it tells you to check the console.
  • Still compatible with 1.6.1, 1.5.2, 1.4.7...


It's highly recommanded to regenerate the plugin's folder. Make a backup of your menu.yml. This is because the configuration changed.

  • Added multiple menus: you will find them in /plugins/ChestCommands/menu folder. You will also find a tutorial.
  • Added command type -> ' open:filename.yml ' to open another menu
  • Added extra check for items out of the chest: it will now cut the items that are out of the chest.
  • New permission system: to open the menu with commands (eg
    and to open the menu with the item: chestcommands.item.filename.yml. This will not give you the permission to open the menu from another one, nor the permission to use the command.
  • Per-menu settings: inside each .yml file you can set the name, the amount of rows, the item (optional) and the command (optional).
  • If the plugin tells you that it can't find a menu, check the console for errors. Remember that 'name' and 'rows' are required in each menu.


  • Fixed bug with opening other GUI plugins
  • Added left-click-option, false by default (you can delete the menu-item-id, now it's organized differently, or you can regenerate config.yml)


  • Fixed clicking with the item on air (now works)
  • Added logging for commands
  • Added multiple commands separate them with ;
  • Added command as console put 'console:' before the command
  • Added command for alias plugin put 'alias:' before the command
    This is an example of how to use these new features:
COMMAND: 'console:say This is an example of how to use multiple commands;tell <player> and execute them as console or as the player;alias:shortcut this is for plugins that creates new command!'

Output: console using say command, player talking to himself, and a possible shortcut created by other plugin (but probably the command would be shorter)


  • Fixed config regeneration bug
  • Fixed menu activating with all commands that starts with the choosen command


  • Regenerate your configs, please!
  • Added custom item to open the menu (in config.yml: menu-itemid: 340 by default)
  • Added permission to open the menu with the item (chestcommands.item)


  • Added placeholder: <player> .It will be replaced by the player's name.
  • Added command logging to console.
  • Added support for plugins that create commands on the go (aliases, or informational custom commands)


  • Changed name, commands, and permissions!
    • new permissions: chestcommands.use, chestcommands.update
    • new commands: /chestcommands, /chc
    • new name: Chest Commands!
  • Added support for meta data: you can use the node DATA-VALUE. If not set, it will not affect the item.


  • Added placeholders (you can use these everywhere):
    • <3 = ❤
    • [*] = ★
    • [**] = ✹
    • [p] = ●
    • [v] = ✔
    • [+] = ♦
    • [++] = ✦
  • Fixed debug output, fixed some possible errors
  • If you remove the COMMAND the menu will only close (for descriptions)
  • If you remove the DESCRIPTION only the name will appear
  • Better default menu (regenerate it to see it)