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This plugin is no longer being actively developed. For now, it will be maintained to support the latest Minecraft version and to fix major bugs, but no new features will be added and no support will be provided.


The plugin will soon stop being maintained. It is advised to switch to any other similar plugin that is being actively developed. 


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Intuitive and powerful plugin to create graphical user interfaces using inventory menus, with icons to display information and run different actions.




  • Create multiple menus of different sizes.
  • Open menus with commands, signs or items.
  • Many options to customize the appearance of icons.
  • Run different types of actions when players click on icons.
  • Options to require money, XP levels, items or a permission to click on a specific icon.
  • Dynamic placeholders (including PlaceholderAPI) and customizable static placeholders.
  • Economy support through Vault (optional).
  • Update notification of new releases.
  • Developer API to create menus and register new placeholders.
  • Efficient and quality code.



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Comments are enabled just for interacting with other users, you will not receive any official answers. To report bugs please check the FAQ and then, if the problem isn't solved, open a new issue on the issue tracker (on GitHub).



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