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  • _ForgeUser16877223 created this issue Aug 24, 2014

    What is the issue?

    Plugin does not return any console errors on startup, and /chess list board properly displays the configured boards.  Can right-click "Create Game" and it toggles white/black, but left-clicking the sign does not set the board.  The pieces do not appear.  No error is returned.

    Please provide any additional information below.

    We recently upgraded to CB 1.7.9 -R0.1 running PEX and WE 5.6.3.
    our server is  We have run Chesscraft since we opened in 2011, and love the plugin.  You are welcome to login and test the issue.  You can get to the chessboards easily by typing /warp chess.

    Is this an issue with our WE version, and which version would you recommend we use instead?

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  • desht_08 posted a comment Aug 26, 2014

    If right-clicking a sign is working but left-clicking is doing nothing at all (not even an exception in the server log?), my guess would be a protection plugin stopping left-clicks.

    • Are there any exceptions logged when you try to left-click?
    • What happens if you try to create a game via command, e.g. /chess create game game1 <board-name> where <board-name> is the name of the board as shown by /chess list board ?
    • Can you left-click the Board Info sign on the control panel and get some output, or does that also do nothing?
    • You can also do /chess set debug_level 1 and see if what gets logged regarding permissions checks when you click signs. Do /chess set debug_level 0 when done to switch off debugging.

    Your WorldEdit version should be fine.

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