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  • _ForgeUser10042827 created this issue Mar 12, 2013

    What is the enhancement in mind? How should it look and feel?
    Me and some friends in a private server sometimes play chess using this, however i almost always win because i play much more often than them, then they asked to me (since im the one telling them to install this) are there any mode that make us able to play 2v1 (so they can beat me).
    And i got idea, How about making team mode? team may be not balanced, and we use command to join/leave team.
    And OPs(Or those who have permissions) can force other player to join/leave/switch team using commands (/chess team <player> join Team1,/chess team <player> leave Team1, /chess team switch <player> <player>.

    How about players?
    If a player want to change/join a team, the leader of the team (The game creator and the first one to join) will be asked to accept or deny. And if player want to switch with other player (in-case this is implemented), both team will be asked and both team must agree to switch

    What can player(s) in a team do?
    1. All player in a team will be able to control team's chess pieces, and (optionally) the leader will be asked (incase there is troller/ruiner)
    2. All player in a team can have private chat for strategy
    3. If the team feel like they are losing, they can resign, and half member of the team + leader must agree.
    4. Same happen above with Undo Last Move. And for the other team to accept, half member of oppossing team + leader must agree.
    5. All prizes (usually for a player) will be distributed evenly beetween player in team/ all player in the team will receive full prize
    6. If the leader goes offline for any reason, the leadership will be transferred to any player in the team, and (optional) the leadership will be given back when the first leader rejoin.
    7. (optional) If the leader have permission/ is OP, the member of the team cant be forced join/leave/switch.

    Please provide any additional information below.
    Even better make balanced/unbalanced team mode using command, like /chess create game (balanced/unbalanced).If balanced mode then the teams will auto-balance if it can (so 4v2 will auto to 3v3, however 2v1 still 2v1)

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  • desht_08 posted a comment Mar 12, 2013

    Interesting ideas. I'll have a think about it...

    Of course, 2v1 is already possible informally - your two friends can just talk over chat/teamspeak/etc. and discuss what move to make next. But the idea of having multiple players allowed to control a given colour is a nice one, I admit...

  • _ForgeUser10042827 posted a comment Mar 12, 2013

    @desht: Go

    The problem with informal team is, sometimes people don't know each other but want to go team up, and they don't feel want to add each other just for a chess game, some just hate talking (like me), and typing their strategy in chat is just spoiling their strategy as the enemy can read it.

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  • _ForgeUser11943330 posted a comment Feb 20, 2014

    @desht How about somethhing like bughouse chess?

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