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  • _ForgeUser6930004 created this issue Jan 23, 2013

    TL;DR: I would like to see more game variations that traditional chess.

    Wall o' Text:
    Confirmed. You are a genius. I was looking to get someone to code a plugin just like this when I ran across yours. It features everything I wanted in my plugin, except for one thing: Differing game modes.

    Simply put, I would like to see different games made available than just traditional chess. The simplest to add, I suspect, would be checkers which should be far easier to implement than chess and tic-tac-toe. More complex would be my custom variations of all three games featuring 4th and 5th dimensions and beyond. If you are intrigued, I would be more than happy to bend your ear with my modified rule sets that allow not only movement across multiple planes but also through time. Unfortunately, past the 3rd dimension it becomes extremely difficult to play with physical pieces, and I have not yet managed to program a GUI sufficient for comfortable play. I have one designed, but it is beyond my existing programming knowledge. I'm hoping that Minecraft will make my theoretical game variations a reality.

    Perhaps simpler to implement would be Live Chess, as seen on Doctor Who, since I've got a nerd-themed server where all moderators are Time Lords with functional TARDISes! Live Chess seems to mostly break down into players receiving stronger and stronger electric shocks every time they move the same piece, until finally it becomes powerful enough to kill them. This would be fairly simple to implement, I think, by adding an integer counter to each piece and dealing a faux lightning strike along with specific damage to a player, depending on how many times he has moved the given piece. After about 10 moves of a single piece, moving it again should deal sufficient damage to kill a player.

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  • desht_08 posted a comment Jan 24, 2013

    Thanks for the kind words. As for new game modes... yes, it would be great, but right now I simply don't have enough time to add something that big to the plugin, sadly :(

  • _ForgeUser6930004 posted a comment Jan 28, 2013

    @desht: Go

    As a college student, I understand perfectly. I'll keep checking back to see if you add anything. I just don't see any reason to re-invent the wheel when I'm looking for what you've already made, plus a couple features.

    After my current wave of classwork has passed, I'll poke around your code a little bit. If I do anything brilliant (unlikely) I will let you know.

  • jascotty2 posted a comment Jan 28, 2013

    Feel a bit guilty for not responding when I first got the notification... so here's my end ;)

    Love the idea, and would be pretty easy to implement (maybe 8 hours), but I'm already so swamped with other projects that I haven't even had time to work on my own plugins (was working on a full revamp of one of my older ones..)

    Will certainly give it a look, if I get about to it.
    About time I get back and see what's changed since I last worked on this project :)


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