Move taken pieces to sides #15

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  • WizardCM created this issue Jul 29, 2012

    Similar to a normal game, so you can see the already-taken pieces. Put them behind each players side, rather than along the side edges.

  • WizardCM added the tags New Enhancment Jul 29, 2012
  • WizardCM added an attachment Chess_20Match_20Screenshot_201_2_.jpg Jul 29, 2012


    <p>Queens on sides.</p>

  • WizardCM edited description Jul 29, 2012
  • desht_08 posted a comment Jul 29, 2012

    Nice idea, but it would make the board about 50% bigger - need room for up to 16 pieces on each side. Still, I'll have a think about it.

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