ChessCraft v2.5.1


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    Jun 18, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.9-R0.1


v2.5.1 (18 Jun 2014)

  • This release requires CraftBukkit 1.7.9-R0.1 or later.
  • Built against VaultAPI 1.4; as economy plugins are updated, ChessCraft will now automatically support their UUID functionality. ChessCraft will log a warning on startup if you're running Vault 1.2 since proper UUID support requires Vault 1.4.
  • If you are also running Landslide 1.5, ChessCraft will now prevent any block sliding on chess boards.
  • Fixed exception thrown when running ChessCraft without Vault installed:
  • Performance improvements for block drawing of large boards (or rather, fixes to loss of performance since MC 1.7 due to changing internals for block relighting - thanks @deltahat!)
  • Fixed the text for a couple of messages.

v2.5.0 (23 Apr 2014)

  • Support for CB 1.7.8/1.7.9. ChessCraft v2.5.0 is not supported on CraftBukkit releases earlier than 1.7.6.
  • Big player name => UUID migration: game save files now store the player's UUID instead of name and will function correctly if a player changes their name (via the upcoming Mojang feature). Any saved games will be auto-migrated to use UUID's - no manual intervention is needed.
  • As part of the migration, the player's display name is now used for display purposes instead of the player's internal name. E.g. displayed names will include markup added by chat plugins etc.
  • Old-style player names are still used for Economy support for now, since Vault does not (yet) provide an API supporting UUID's. If & when Vault and all economy plugins add full support for UUID's, ChessCraft will be updated to support them too.
  • Game results are still stored with old-style player names for now, so your game history (including ladder/league score) will be reset if you change your name. Full name -> UUID migration in archived results will likely happen in a future release.
  • Various bug fixes and code cleanup.

See for a complete changelog.

  • Very large styles (e.g. "huge" or "yazpanda") may suffer from slow chunk updates with the vanilla Minecraft client, leading to poor board redraw performance. It is recommended to use the Optifine mod (or the Spoutcraft client, which includes Optifine), and experiment in particular with the "Chunk Updates per Frame" and "Dynamic Updates" video settings.
  • xboard protocol support should be considered experimental at this time - while the AI.yml file contains some definitions for xboard-base AI's, they are marked as disabled by default, so they won't be auto-picked as opponents. They can be explicitly invited, however, with e.g. /chess invite gnuchess1. xboard support has been tested successfully with the gnuchess and crafty engines.