ChessCraft v2.0.1


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    Dec 7, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.5-R0.2


v2.0.1 (7 Dec 2012)

v2.0.0 (3 Dec 2012)

  • Requires CraftBukkit 1.4.x (1.4.5-R0.2+ suggested). This will not work on 1.3.x.
  • Major rewrite of AI system. It's now possible to talk to external AI engines with the xboard (aka winboard or CECP) protocol, e.g. gnuchess, crafty... This allows for much stronger AI opponents. The built-in (jChecs) AI is still available.
  • AI_settings.yml file format has changed, and should no longer be edited (it contains core definitions). Added new AI.yml file which can be edited to define which AI's are available to the plugin, and what their names should be. See AI for much more information.
  • Pre-existing AI's have been renamed to make it slightly clearer what they are (but you're free to rename them in AI.yml as you please). E.g. "ai01" is now "jcab3" (JChecs, Alpha-Beta search, depth 3)
  • /chess list ai is now much more informative; you can do /chess list ai <ai-name> to get more detail about a particular AI definition.
  • Many more events now have configurable sound and/or visual effects, e.g. piece selected, move cancelled, game won/lost, and more. See Configuration for more information.
  • Flight improvement: captive mode (/chess set flying.captive true) now bounces players back much more smoothly if they try to fly away from the chessboard.
  • Flight improvement: auto-fly mode (/chess set true) now launches players more reliably when they get near enough to a chessboard.
  • There is now a configurable cooldown period on sending open invitations to a chess game (which broadcasts to the whole server). Default is 3 minutes, tunable with the open_invite_cooldown config setting (which is larger than the default auto-delete timeout for not-started games, meaning only one open invitation may be sent per created game by default - you may wish to tune one or both of those parameters to your liking)
  • Added /chess list styles command (shortcut: /chess l s) to show what board and piece styles are available from within the game.
  • The Create Game control panel button now also allows you to choose to play White or Black. Right-click the button to change the desired colour, left-click to create the game with you playing the selected colour. Similarly, the /chess create game command now accepts a -black option to start as Black.
  • The /chess redraw command now only redraws the board you are standing on. Use /chess redraw -all to force all boards to be redrawn, or /chess redraw <board-name> to redraw a specific board.
  • The message pager no longer pages long output, since recent versions of Minecraft make it easy to scroll back with the mouse wheel when the chat window is open. You can restore paging with /chess set pager.lines <page-size> if you want.
  • Added new translation: Portugese Portugese (Brazilian Portugese is already included): /chess set locale pt_pt
  • New setting: ai.lose_on_fail, default false. When false, any unexpected exception (generally caused by a software bug) from the AI will force a draw. If set to true, such exceptions cause the AI to lose the game, and the opponent to win.
  • Very large styles (e.g. "huge" or "yazpanda") may suffer from slow chunk updates with the vanilla Minecraft client, leading to poor board redraw performance. It is recommended to use the Optifine mod (or the Spoutcraft client, which includes Optifine), and experiment in particular with the "Chunk Updates per Frame" and "Dynamic Updates" video settings.
  • xboard protocol support should be considered experimental at this time - while the AI.yml file contains some definitions for xboard-base AI's, they are marked as disabled by default, so they won't be auto-picked as opponents. They can be explicitly invited, however, with e.g. /chess invite gnuchess1. xboard support has been tested successfully with the gnuchess and crafty engines.