ChessCraft v1.4.0


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    Sep 12, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.3.1-R2.0


v1.4.0 (12 Sep 2012)

  • Move undo: it's now possible to undo your last move with the new "Undo Last Move" control panel button or by typing /chess undo. Restrictions apply: in PvP, the undo request must be accepted by the other player, and in PvAI, undo is only allowed if you're not playing for a stake.
  • Control panel buttons have had a slight rearrangement: Game Info has been moved from top right to centre left (below the Board Info button), Teleport Out has been moved from centre left to bottom centre, and the new Undo Last Move button is now at top right.
  • Add new (Brazilian) Portugese translation: /chess set locale pt_br
  • FIX: the flying.allowed setting wasn't being respected when players logged in on a chessboard
  • FIX: PGN game data now has the right Black player name, and includes the server name in the PGN site field
  • FIX: surrounding terrain should now be correctly re-lit when a board is deleted
  • FIX: fixed bug where control panel signs would sometimes be dropped on the ground when a board is deleted
  • FIX: correctly report lack of permissions to player (who doesn't have chesscraft.basic) instead of logging exception
  • Very large styles (e.g. "huge" or "yazpanda") may suffer from slow chunk updates with the vanilla Minecraft client, leading to poor board redraw performance. It is recommended to use the Optifine mod (or the Spoutcraft client, which includes Optifine), and experiment in particular with the "Chunk Updates per Frame" and "Dynamic Updates" video settings.