ChessCraft v1.0.1


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    Apr 19, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.5-R1.0


v1.0.1 (19 Apr 2012)

  • Fixed exception when trying to port onto pieces (shift-click) if WorldEdit not installed

v1.0.0 (19 Apr 2012)

  • Built against CraftBukkit 1.2.5-R1.0. Running this against earlier CB releases is not supported.
  • Added a piece designer - design your own chess set! See Piece Designer.
  • Added new "huge" (15x35x15) board & piece style, created by myself (desht) with piece designer. You can create boards using this style with "/chess create board <board-name> -style huge".
  • With kind permission, added Yazpanda's amazing board & piece style (27x60x27) !, "yazpanda", imported with the help of the piece designer. See . You will *need* a fast server and client to play with this set at its best, and even then expect some lag when creating and deleting boards/games due to the sheer quantity of blocks (millions) being manipulated.
  • Shift-clicking any targeted piece will now teleport you onto that piece. This is very useful for larger sets, though perhaps less so for the "standard" (3x6x3) set, especially if the board has a roof.
  • If you are standing on a piece when it moves, you will now be moved with it (see effects.piece_riding config setting). Good news for Harry Potter fans!
  • Audible tones are now played when a move is made and/or you are placed in check (see effects.move_alert & effects.check_alert).
  • An explosion sound effect is now played when a piece is captured (see effects.capture_explosion)
  • If the AI encounters an unrecoverable exception it will now abandon the game, resulting in a draw. The game's result will not be logged.
  • The "Invite Player" control panel button will now prompt you to type a player's name in chat instead of just giving you the /invite usage information.
  • The "wand_item" config setting can be set to "*" to allow any item to be held when playing.
  • "/chess tp <board-name> -b" will allow you to port between boards (provided you have the chesscraft.commands.teleport permission node).
  • Adding "teleporting" config setting to globally enable/disable all teleporting between boards with the control panel "Teleport Out" button or the "/chess tp" command (it does not affect teleporting around a board by clicking)
  • Added German translation ("/chess set locale de_de") - thanks @baemboo.
  • Some in-game messages (e.g. move notifications) are now more terse, only using one line of chat.
  • Waving at a board square to port to it now works silently. To see the old "Square [a1], board board1" messages, hold shift while clicking.
  • Considerable code streamlining - reduced CPU and memory usage.