ChessCraft v0.4


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    Sep 22, 2011
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1185
  • CB 1060


v0.4 (22 Sep 2011)

  • Supported on CraftBukkit 1060 (MC 1.7.3) and 1185 (MC 1.8.1).
  • Board rotation now supported - board orientation is decided by player orientation when created (north/east/south/west)
  • Messages are now customizable and stored in external message file - new config option "locale" for language file to use. Allows for translated messages.
  • Added game results logging. Results are stored in plugins/ChessCraft/results/results.db, a SQLite database. There are league and ladder leaderboard views, using the new "/chess list top ..." command
  • ScrollingMenuSign integration - create some useful menus of boards and games which can be viewed via signs or maps
  • Catch & ignore IllegalState exception from player.getTargetBlock() - should reduce messages in the server log, since this exception is harmless
  • Latest version of Register included - meaning iConomy v6 now works
  • It is now possible to use the jChecs opening book for AI players - see "ai.use_opening_book" config item.
  • Added "autostart" config item - can make the game start as soon as two players have joined
  • Various durations (timeouts etc.) in the config file can now be specified with more unit types, not just as number of seconds
  • Waving at a board square while on that board and holding the wand item (default: empty hand) now teleports you to that square - allows for easier movement around the board
  • Added "auto_delete.running" config item, default 1 week - running games which have not had a move within this period will be deleted. Prevents games being started and then abandoned forever.