What it does:

Players can CheckIn and CheckOut jobs. When they are Checked In, they get money every x seconds. You can Configure how much a job is worth every x seconds. You can Configure every how many seconds die Player gets the configured amount for each Job.

RangeSigns: If you are CheckedIn and you leave the range marked on the range-Sign you are automaticaly checked out.

It is like in Real Life. The Owners have to look, that their employees work and don't just hang around. ;)


The config.yml has one point:

  • useRangeCheck : if true, this uses Range-Signes

Creating Jobs: This is done in the jobs.yml. Here is an Example with 2 jobs: Miner and OtherJob

    messageStart: "Hello some strange Miner, welcome in the Mine please start working, or you will get killed"
    messageEnd: "That was a Hard day. Please come back tomorrow"
    gainedMoney: 42
    everySeconds: 2
    messageStart: "I am some fancy welcoming message"
    messageEnd: "Bye, I hate you"
    gainedMoney: 9001
    everySeconds: 3

This means: A Miner gets every 2 seconds 42 (whatever is your currency)

The Nodes in the jobs.yml: jobs: jobname: messageStart: "message to send on CheckIn" messageEnd: "message to send on CheckOut" gainedMoney: Integer number of money gained every x seconds everySeconds: Integer means it adds every x seconds the money to the account.

HOW TO (create CheckIn / CheckOut / Range-Signs)

CheckIn Sign: Create a Sign with the following:

  • line1: checkin
  • line2: jobname here
  • line3:
  • line4:

It will then auto fill the Sign.

CheckOut Sign: Create a Sign with the following: line1: checkout line2: jobname here line3: line4: It will then auto fill the Sign.

RangeCheck Sign: Create a Sign with the following:

  • line1: rangecheck
  • line2: 14x4 (the first value is the x value, the second the z value, meaning 14x4 means: 14 in x direction, 4 in z direction)
  • line3:
  • line4:

The Sign will then auto fill.


  • /job join <jobname> : joins a job (to use the CheckIn Sign of this job)
  • /job leave : leaves the current job and ends all running CheckIns
  • /joblist : lists all available jobs and your current job, if you have one.
  • /jobdebugrangesigns : regenerates all Range-Signs which are in the list but already destroyed. (Debug command)

Permission Nodes:

  • checkin.sign.create : Permission to create a CheckIn/CheckOut-Sign
  • checkin.areasign.create : Permission to create an Range-Sign
  • checkin.job.use : Permission to use a sign.
  • checkin.sign.debug : Permission to use debug commands.


Permissions: (one of the following)

  • Vault
  • PermissionsEx
  • GroupManager
  • BukkitPermissions

Economy: (one of the following:)

  • Vault
  • Essentials

Plugin Support

Be sure to comment or make a support ticket if you need help with the plugin!


  • To @garrett2smart87 for the Idea for this plugin.
  • To all the Plugin Developers for making good Plugins!


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