chatter :D Version: 2.1.8

You also hate the default chat formatting? Want a simple way to change it into a clean, nice to read chat format?

I present Chatter. It is a forked version of iChat but I changed nearly everything in the code except the syntax of the config file. That makes it simple to move from iChat. It provides chat forma7tting using prefix, worldname, display name and more. You can also make a censor and change the /me chat format.

And last but not least, there is nice chat wrapping! it will not longer wrap like this: "me: this is a ran

dom text."

but like this: "me: this is a

random text"

Please keep sending errors and ideas to me (using the ticket service :D) I'll try to fix/add them all


  • Change the default chat format
  • Change the /me format
  • Censor some words.
  • Good text wrapping.
  • Multiverse and factions support.

How to use:

  1. drop the plugin in you plugin folder.
  2. run your server once, a config file will be generated.
  3. open the config file and edit it
  4. restart/reload you server and you are done.


  • censor-list - Put comma separated worlds between the [ and the ] and they will be censored.
  • text-wrapping - If true the chat will be wrapped nice.
  • nether-name - format to use when in the nether using +world, in that format you can use +world.
  • name-format - does nothing yet .
  • message-format - The message format, see section formatting and two message formats?!
  • date-format - The date format, see section formatting.
  • me-format - The /me format, see section formatting, again...
Editing the message format of the /me format is quite simple.
you can add these variables to you format:
  • +name - The Users Name
  • +displayname - The users displayname. if none set it uses name.
  • +group - The first group that is defined in permissions.yml, mind that when you have multiple groups!
  • +healthbar - A visual health bar for this user
  • +health - The amount of health a user has (0 - 20)
  • +gamemode - The name of the current gamemode of a player (creative or survival)
  • +level - The experience level of a player.
  • +message - The text the player typed
  • +world - The world the player is in.
  • +faction - Should display the faction a player is in. thanks to tatara88
  • +mvalias - Displays the multiverse alias of the world the player is in.
  • +time - The timestamp of the message. See below.
Where are prefix and suffix? let me tell you.
When you want to use options from the permissions file you now have to use $optionname.
So when you want to use the prefix of somebody use '$prefix' and use '$suffix' for somebody's suffix.
mind that when you change the color of a players name using prefix everything after the name will also be that color if you don't set it back after the name!
you can also use +variables in you $variables
Time format:
The format of the timestamp is configurable in config.yml.
Use simple-date format:
reloadchatter - reloads chatter, "chatter.reload" needed as permissions
chatter - no permissions needed

Future plans:

  • Adding /msg formatting.
  • Spout? (cause spout is cool)
  • Add permissions for everything.
  • Only load the tags that are needed, more speed
  • CraftIRC support.
  • An easter egg

Thanks to:

  • Drakia - For iChat, where this plugin is based on.
  • Nijikokun - For making the iChat where Drakia based his iChat on.
  • Orcem12 - For the name Chatter instead of Talker


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