Add option to disable any formatting for ingame or IRC #20

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Assigned to _ForgeUser7206081
  • _ForgeUser8039704 created this issue Jun 4, 2012

    feature request: Add option to allow for disabling the death, join, part, and kick formatting in chatter.

    Kinda ask this since I use a death msg plugin and not vanilla msgs, which throws chatter off and make chatter npe on any deaths.

  • _ForgeUser8039704 added the tags New Enhancment Jun 4, 2012
  • _ForgeUser8039704 posted a comment Jun 7, 2012

    Also too: Kinda annoyed by the "Im aliiive!" message when craftirc joins the channel. Chatter 2.2.5 never used to do that.

    You REALLY need configuration options to enable or disable these parts of your plugin.

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