ChatSounds is an extremely lightweight, very fun plugin that people can use on their servers to entertain their players. Using full user customisation and permission-based control, servers owners can allow their players to trick others into thinking there is a creeper behind them, or that the enderdragon just died, or anything else that they think would be funny or fitting for the server. And the best part? It's easy!


Depending on the config file, users of this plugin can trigger any sound effect available in the Bukkit code using triggers in their messages. The limitations based on the config are:

  1. Full server broadcast: Everyone on the server with the appropriate permission node will hear it.
  2. Broadcaster only: Only the player that triggered the sound can hear the sound.
  3. Range: Only players in the specified range can hear the sound. Good for servers that use a sort of local chat.

NOTE: This plugin is not responsible for the sound level on other people's computers. If their PC or Minecraft sound is off, they won't hear the sound.


/chatsounds - Nothing special. Just a little mention to the author, TheReverend403. Acts more of an indicator that the plugin is running on the server.

/chatsounds reload - Reloads the config file, including updating the triggers for each sound effect. Use this in favour of /reload.


chatsounds.reload - Allows permission for the /chatsounds reload command. Defaults to OP users.

chatsounds.send - Allows permission to use chat sounds. Users without this permission will never be able to trigger sound effects. Defaults to all users.

chatsounds.receive - Allows permission to hear chat sounds. Users without this permission will never hear chat sounds that are triggered. Added as an exempt from the annoyance that can occur from this plugin. Defaults to all users.


This plugin was rewritten with configuration in mind, so we have done our best to make the config file as easy to use as possible. The first 3 options are fairly self-explanatory, and are also accompanied by detailed comments giving a little explanation. However, the aliases section is a little more difficult. We have gone into more detail on this part of the config file HERE.

# The range of the sound that is played.
# -1 = Serverwide, 0 = Broadcaster only, 1+ = Range around the broadcaster
range: -1

# The volume of the sound that is played. Unless I am mistaken, the
# maximum value is 10.0 and the minimum is 0.
volume: 1.0

# The pitch of the sound that is played. Unless I am mistaken, the
# maximum value is 1.0 and the minimum is 0.
pitch: 1.0



The idea of this plugin is for server owners to have fun with their players. For this reason, there will likely never be a command that shows you all of the possible triggers for each sound effect. It's up to you to work them out, and up to the server owners to set them.

To trigger a sound effect, all you need to do is figure out a trigger and type it into chat. It doesn't even have to be a message consisting of only the trigger. For example, let's say that 'boom' triggers the tnt sound. You could say "my heart goes boom boom, boom boom" and the sound would play.

Other Info

This plugin is my very first plugin that I have released on DBO, and I owe a great deal of thanks to zack6849 and BranicYeti for helping me out on the earlier versions. Since that point though, I have added a lot of features that are useful for everyone, generally features that are requested.

  • Permission based chat sounds (for sending and receiving them).
  • Custom triggers, and now custom trigger lists. So much custom!
  • Range based chat sounds.

If you would like something else added to the plugin, feel free to leave a comment or a ticket and I'll give it a try if I feel it fits the plugin.

This plugin uses Metrics to gather anonymous usage data. This allows me to know how much my plugin is used, basically. If you wish to disable it, go to /plugins/PluginMetrics, open config.yml and change 'opt-out' to true.


I develop plugins for fun, however donations are always appreciated. There is a button labelled 'Donate' at the top right of this page, or you can click here. Thank you in advance.


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