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The name reflects the aim. A ChatServer will be added to your Minecraft Server, ready to accept ChatClients, which can be other Minecraft Servers or a Desktop Client which will come in a future release. Those Clients will send the Chat Messages from the Players to the Server for him to broadcast these Messages to all connected clients. That way you link the Chat of multiple Minecraft Servers together.

The ChatServer Plugin does not include the ChatClient Plugin. You will need to install both on your Minecraft Server in order to use it as ChatServer and ChatClient (may change if enough people request it)


Simply add the chatclient-version.jar to your plugins folder. Also make sure to open the Port you want to use accepting TCP Connections.


  • /chatserver start - Will start the ChatServer
  • /chatserver stop - Will stop the ChatServer


  • chatserver.admin - Allows to execute all commands


  • port - The Port the ChatServer should run at. Default is 4713


  • Java 1.7

To Dos

PermissionsEx support


Tested only on Bukkit 1.7.2.

The ChatClient is a separate Plugin for you to find here.

Please report Bugs, and I will fix them as soon as possible. If you have a feature request, let me know and I'll try to put it in the next release. I will create a Website + a E-Mail for you to contact me and put the details here as soon as I can.


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