iEmotions - Emotions in your chat!

Created By: Linky
Developed By: 22vortex22 & LAGxcrafter
Artist/Designer: xDizasterCYx

Tired of raging in the chat instead of just writing a small command? Tired of writing a huge text to tell your friend that your happy about what they did? This is the plugin for you! This plugin allows you to write a simple command to express your emotions in the chat. Either your happy or mad, this is the right plugin for you! Heres a small preview of the plugin (Video Coming Soon...)

(This image is outdated)

  • Download iEmotions.jar
  • Place the iEmotions.jar in your plugin folder
  • Run the server
  • Enjoy!

  • /ie-hug - Hug a Person
  • /ie-kiss - Kiss a Person
  • /ie-kick - Kick a Person
  • /ie-punch - Punch a Person
  • /ie-slap - Slap a Person
  • /ie-setemote - Set your emote (happy, sad, etc...) Emotion list coming soon

  • ie.hug - Get the /ie-hug command
  • ie.kiss - Get the /ie-kiss command
  • ie.kick - Get the /ie-kick command
  • ie.punch - Get the /ie-punch command
  • ie.slap - Get the /ie-slap command
  • ie.setemote - Get the /ie-setemote command

  • Add even more emotions
  • Add even actions
  • Add config
  • Add buffs to the emotions

  • None


  • Made permission message better
  • Added iEmotions logo V:2.0
  • Added Emotions (10)
  • Added Slap Action
  • Bug fix with kiss and hug
  • Beta release V:1.1
  • Renaming plugin
  • Bux fix V:1.0
  • Initial release


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