Default chat format file

Built-in Variables:

  • {SNAME} - Shows the sender's name
  • {SDISPNAME} - Shows the sender's display name
  • {SGROUP} - Shows the sender's group
  • {SPREFIX} - Shows the sender's prefix
  • {SSUFFIX} - Shows the sender's suffix
  • {SWORLD} - Shows the sender's world
  • {RNAME} - Shows the recipient's name
  • {RDISPNAME} - Shows the recipient's display name
  • {RGROUP} - Shows the recipient's group
  • {RPREFIX} - Shows the recipient's prefix
  • {RSUFFIX} - Shows the recipient's suffix
  • {RWORLD} - Shows the recipient's world

name: Default #Name of the chat format when it loads
creator: Chatomizer #Name of the creator of the format, unused for now
hidden: false #Whether or not to hide the chat format in the list command
permission: false #Whether or not to check permission for the format
defaultGroup: default #Default group to use, overrides the config.yml default group option
groups: #A list of the formats per group
  default: '<{SNAME}> {MESSAGE}' #If a player's group isn't listed otherwise, will default to the defaultGroup, or 'default' in this case
  administrator: '&4<&f{SNAME}&4> &c{MESSAGE}' #Format for senders in the 'administrator' permission group