• {PREFIX} - player's prefix from permissions plugin
  • {SUFFIX} - player's suffix from permissions plugin
  • {SENDER} - sender's username
  • {MESSAGE} - chat message
  • Formatting codes can be used as well, a list can be found here.

Default chatFormats.yml:

Default format: format # Default format to use
Default group: default # Default group (usually as defined in permissions file)
default: # Format called 'default'
  creator: Chatomizer # Creator of the format, this is currently unused by the plugin but will be used in the future
  hidden: false # Hidden from the list command or not
  formats: # Formats
    default: '<{SENDER}> {MESSAGE}' # Default format to use
    administrator: '&4<&f{SENDER}&4> &c{MESSAGE}' # Format to use for the permission group called 'administrator'
  creator: Chatomizer
  hidden: false
    default: '{SENDER}: {MESSAGE}'
    moderator: '&l{SENDER}: {MESSAGE}'