description: ChatMonster help
        usage: /<command>
    cm clearwarnings:
        description: Remove warnings from a player
        usage: /cm clearwarnings <player>
        aliases: [cm clearw, cm cw]
    cm check:
        description: Check how many warnings a player has
        usage: /cm warnings
        aliases: [cm warns]
    cm warn:
        description: Give a warning to a player if CM fails to do so
        usage: /cm warn <player> <amount> <reason>
        aliases: [cm a, cm add]
    cm reload:
        description: ChatMonster reload command
        usage: /cm reload
        aliases: [cm r]
    cm parse:
        description: Toggle strict parse mode for censoring per player
        usage: /cm bypass <player>
        aliases: [cm sp, cm strict, cm parsetoggle]
    cm toggle:
        description: Turn off ChatMonster
        usage: /cm toggle
    cm conf:
        description: Configure ChatMonster in-game
        usage: /cm conf
        aliases: [cm configure]
    cm help:
        description: Access ChatMonster help
        usage: /cm help
    cm update:
      description: update the plugin
      usage: /cm update


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