You, over there! Had problems where people kept spamming/swearing in your server? Now they can't. Just use this simple plugin and you're good to go. This plugin includes banned words, no repeating messages, and some extra stuff included in this plugin such as color codes.

Usage: Ban words in the config or via command. People will not be able to say any message containing the words regardless of upper or lower case. People (including you) also cannot repeat what they said last. Also, there is a repeating-ban feature. If you repeat more than the times stated in the config, you will get perm banned. Set the 'repeatBeforeBan' in config to -1 if you want them to never be banned.

Commands: - /banword [Word] - ban a word via command (OP required)
- /unbanword [Word] - unban a word via command (OP required)

Extras: - Color codes with a & instead of a ยง.

Color codes can be found here:

This is a WIP project, so it will be updated constantly.


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