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Running a family server? Fed up of griefers not only griefing your world - but your chat too? Then you need new ChatFilter!

ChatFilter lets you set up a list of trigger words that, when matched in chat will cancel the message and send the player a custom message, be it a warning or just a friendly nudge. It can even kick offenders if required.

ChatFilter offers both part and whole word matching options, so you can block messages very intelligently.

You can also set up a list of words to trigger a custom server broadcast.

And, from v2.0.0 it now screens commands of your choice - e.g. /msg

Just download - run once - and then edit lang.yml to setup your filter words and trigger phrases.

ChatFilter is a lightweight plugin for when you want a simple solution for controlling swearing on your server.

You can see the default settings here . Warning contains the swear words that trigger warnings.

Current Version: 2.0.0


kick: [true|false] Set to true to kick players who swear.

showInConsole: [true|false] Show player's name and the offending message in console.

censor: [true|false] Censor messages instead of blocking entire message.

agressiveMatching: [true|false] Attempts to match more words by looking for 3=e 0=o etc.

Edit lang.yml (created on first run) to change the trigger words, commands to filter and notification text.


/ChatFilter reload Reload settings from lang.yml


Allows user to reload.

Allows users with this node to bypass filters.

Users with this node cannot chat.

Users with this node can chat.


1.7.2: Changed permissions node for chat to chatfilter.canchat

1.7.1: Fixed config typo

1.7.0: Aggressive matching option. Permissions node to block chat completely.

1.6.0: Permissions node for reload. Colour support.

1.5.0: Permissions node to allow select users to swear.

1.4: Optional censorship mode. Replaced words with configurable text.

1.3: Config options to enable whole word matching.

1.2: Option to display information about blocked messages in console.

1.1: Added kick option.

1.0: First release.

Source Code


Donations of any amount are, of course appreciated :)

Contributions go towards maintaining my development server to encourage continued development. ChatFilter is solo coded by me so if you think that time is worth something then hit the button in the top right! ;)


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