Trigger Settings

Here's the default lang.yml file. (Excuse the language!).

- shit
- fuck
- piss
- cunt

- ass
- poo
- boob
- boobs
- crap	

profanityMessage: "Oi %N! Mind your language!"

- eleven
- '11'

triggerPhrase: "That's ridiculous, it's not even funny."

All words in the lists above should be lowercase a-z. Letters with accents are changed to their un-accented equivalents before checking.
So for example 'fuck' in the above list will happily detect attempts to camouflage as 'fúck' or 'Fűćķ'

Words in the profanity: list will be detected as parts of words. So fuck will match fucker, fucking or dumbfuck.

Words in the profanityWordMatch: list will only match complete words. So ass will not detect assume, and poo will not match spoon.


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