ChatEx, PermissionEx, and JobsReborn Title #42

  • shorteyoo created this issue Mar 7, 2019

    Hey fellas,


    got a problem which I am trying to solve on my own for more than a few hours now.

    With mentioned plugins, I want to have something like this in the Chat:


    Whenever I try this, either the group is displayed, or the job. But never both.
    I tried so far:

    <p>message-format: '%prefix%displayname%suffix: %message'</p> Result: Prefix is similar to "group"

    <p>message-format: '%jobs1%prefix%displayname%suffix: %message'</p> Result: Prefix is ignored, jobs1 shows the job

    <p>message-format: '%group%displayname%suffix: %message'</p> Result: group is (wrong) shown.

    <p>message-format: '%jobs1%group%displayname%suffix: %message'</p> Result: group is beeing ignored


    So how the hell am I able to reach what I want? :D

    I am thankful for any idea!


    Kind regards, Shortey

  • jokzyz posted a comment Aug 12, 2019

    In the config for ChatEx, do you have allow multiple prefixes set to true?

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