ChatAlert v1.5 now supports Essentials nickname tagging. Please make a copy of your config.yml and then delete the original one and let it regenerate with new options

ChatAlert v1.4.1 now supports Craftbukkit1.7.9. Please note that the player you tag will be matched with the player who has the same display name. ChatAlert does not support UUID tagging.

ChatAlert v1.4 now supports default chatcolor. This new feature is optional but will require Vault . See advanced section for more info
NOTE: When tagging players , The default chat color of the message will be ignored. This this is due to the chat color coming from other plugins. Hence the alternative config for the Message Color when tagging people
Ever been on a large server and chat is being spammed 24/7 ?, Are you tired of trying to look for a message someone tried to type to you ? Ever wished there was some sort of plugin which informed you if someone mentioned you name. Well now introducing the new light weight chat enhancement plugin the ChatAlert.

Chat Alert Example(Image)

ChatAlert is a Chat enhancement plugin which allows you to tag/highlights the other players name in chat when you have the permission node. When a player is tagged, the plugin will change the player name to gold by default if the player is online. It will also alert the player with a Sound(Current default sound is the facebook notification sound). It also has a 10 second spam prevention so you can only tag every 10 seconds. ChatAlert also has tab-completion which means you can type:

Example: @jack<press tab> to get @jacklin213

This plugin has been tested and works with other chat plugins like , Essentials Chat, ChatManager. It also has multiple world support. Though on someservers it maybe cause errors due to a conflict , in that case the error and sumbit a ticket thanks.

How to Install and use ?

Because ChatAlert is such a lightweight plugin all you have to do is a simple drag and drop.
The following is optional:

  • Configure default chat color when tagging
  • Configure tagging color
  • Toggle update checking
  • Toggle auto updating
  • Change the cooldown time
  • Enable Vault support and allow normal chatcolor to be used (See advanced)
  • Enable Essentials Nickname tagging (See advanced)


  1. Download Chat Alert from here
  2. Save it into your plugins folder
  3. Start your server up
  4. It is ready to be used

To use ChatAlert in game, Either OP yourself (If you dont have a permissions plugin) or simply give players or groups the permission node - chatalert.alert. Then you can tag people in chat by typing '@' and then the players name

For example:
"Welcome to the server ~ @jacklin213"


In ChatAlert v1.5 you are now able to tag essentials usernames as well as normal usernames. To use this feature you need to set:

In ChatAlert v1.4 there was a full code rework to allow normal chatcolors to work. To use this new feature you need to set:

  • UseVault: true (Requires Vault)
  • UseSuffix: true (This gets the players suffix as there chatcolor)

When UseSuffix is true it will ignore MsgColor and proceed to format the message using the Suffix. If the players default chat is white You must make sure the suffix is &f or it will not work

Note: That means if the suffix is anything but a color code your chat will look very messy. Currently this is the only way to do it. If you do know another way please feel free to PM me or make a ticket or comment about it.


/chatalertReloads the config and displays the chat color and the tag colorchatalert.reload


Permission NodeDescriptionDefault
- chatalert.alertAllows players to use the tagging functionOP
- chatalert.reloadAllows player to reload the configOP
- chatalert.nocooldownIgnores tagging cooldownOP

To-Do List:

  1. Finish version 1.0 of plugin Done(Version 1.0)
  2. Add configuration Done(Version 1.2)
  3. Add configuration for Plugin Chat Prefix, Cooldown Done(Version 1.2)
  4. Tagging more than one player Done(Version 1.2)
  5. Tab Completion support Done(Version 1.4)
  6. Fix chat formatting Done(Version 1.4)
  7. Essentials nickname support Done(Version 1.4)
  8. Disabling Vanilla username tagging
  9. Add configuration for Sound

How can i help?

If you would like to help with ChatAlert feel free to give me a PM, if you find bugs please submit a ticket. Any feedback is encouraged so leave comments :D
Donations are also very important <3
Dont forget to tell your friends about this plugin

Source Code

The source code may be used but only for learning purposes


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