Chat Tweaks

At Signs and Hashtags

Version: 3.3.5

Chat Tweaks is the ultimate chat plugin. It does everything you want it to do. Be it creating channels for your mods, filter out unwanted advertisement, reduce spammers and clear your chat, ChatTweaks has it. But ChatTweaks isn't all work! Create emoticons, create hashtags and AtSigns which alerts people, replace words with long phrases for easy remembering, create Automatic messages to keep your players up-to-date, or just add a bit of spicy colors in the chat with colored dollar signs and commands.

Pages: Configuration | Permissions | Commands | Execution times |ChangeLogs | Stats


  • !Fast execution for all it does!
  • Extremely configurable
  • Chat Channels:
    • Create channels with kick permissions
    • Per channel Commands
    • Per channel Permissions
  • Automatic Messages:
    • Header & Footers
    • Unlimited messages
    • Custom time
    • Multi-line
  • Death messages:
    • EXTREMELY Customizable.
    • Extremely fast execution (just under 1 millisecond)
    • Change mob names
    • Change the syntax
    • Change the action names
    • Random syntax selector/generator
    • Random action selector/generator
    • Custom prefixes
    • Enable or disable PVP or mob messages
    • Create your own kill types
  • Default messages editions:
    • Customize the login message
    • Customize the logout message
    • Customize the whitelist kick message
    • Customize the server full message
    • Customize the "Unknown command" message
    • Create world change messages
  • Fun Stuff:
    • Create @s to mention players, this will send them a sound and color their name in chat
    • Create #s. This will track the "trending" ideas on the server..
    • Create colored / commands. Each time you type a command in a chat message, it will be colored
    • Create colored $s. Put a $ sign followed by numbers to color the set. Helpful for economies
    • Create colored links/ips if you can type links/ips
    • Create replacer text. This is useful to remember long phrases easily.
    • Create emoticons. (Configurable)
  • Anti Spam:
    • Remove extra white-spaces (2 or more extra spaces)
    • Remove duplicate letters (3 or more consecutive letters)
    • Caps limiter
    • Chat Lockdown Mode
    • Message sent limiter (2 messages per second) (With severity levels)
    • Swearing:
      • Level based (You decide the severity)
      • Fines (With Vault integration)
      • Replace words with another
    • Links/IPs:
      • Link permissions
      • Block all Links and IPs.
  • Custom languages.


  1. Like every single plugin out there, download the latest jar here: (Click)
  2. Put it right into your plugins folder!
  3. Reload/Restart your server!
  4. Edit configurations to your liking!
  5. Type /ChatTweaks reload

What you can type in chat

@[PlayerName]Send a sound to that player
#AfkToggle your AFK status (if essentials is integrated)
/[command]Color that command in chat. Ex. Hey! Please read the /rules command /rules will be colored
!Websitewill be replaced with
Your custom EmoticonWill be changed to your custom emoticon**


Coming Soon

Green = Done | Red = Cancelled | Orange = Planned

  • Better channels...(per range, world or permission)
  • API for devs
  • Changes in the way messages are made
  • Faster execution
  • Better and faster Spam Checks
  • Better and faster Death messages
  • Massive code cleanup
  • Hashtag database
  • Suggestions? Open up a ticket or write it as a comment!

Source? ChatTweaks Source

V1.9.5 - ^Click on the image for info!^

My plugins:

The Tweaks suite: ChatTweaks | LWCTweaks | PluginTweaks | BanTweaks

Please submit a ticket if you found a bug or an error. Never paste full errors in the comments. Use pastebin instead


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