Charon is the ferryman of the Styx river. This plugins purpose is to add a afterlife to the server. When the players die they become ghosts. They cannot interact with anything pick up or place blocks or be seen in general. There are several ways to break this effect. a configurable time in which a server wide revive will occur. Placing of gravestones before death will bring you back to life the moment you die. After you die friends can revive you by placing gravestones. Admin have a full set of commands to override any state. Haunt your killers with the haunt command. Full range of permissions. Give your players access to as few or as many of the commands as you wish.


  • When your players die they become ghost.
  • Full range of commands to affect or counteract any state.
  • Full range of permmisions.
  • Configurable autorevive revives your players after so much time has passed.
  • Gravestones allow your players to revive themselves using lapis, iron, gold, or diamond blocks.NEW emerald blocks
  • Value of block determines starting hit points and hunger! NEW! Emerald also adds strength 2.
  • Afterlife effects, Wade through a world of darkness.
  • The dead leave a trail of smoke behind them.
  • More to come.


  • /CharonsFerry Revive [Playername] Return a player from the dead.
  • /CharonsFerry Ghost [Playername] Force a player into ghost state. No loss of items or experience.
  • /CharonsFerry Haunt [Playername] Teleport to a player while a ghost.
  • /CharonsFerry Boon [Playername] Check if you have a revive stored for when you die,and check other players status.
  • /ReviveAll Revive all players on the server.
  • /CF works for all commands as well.

Permission node

  • CharonsFerry.Revive: description: Allows you to revive a user default: op
  • CharonsFerry.Ghost: description: Allows you to "die" without the messy parts. default: op
  • CharonsFerry.Haunt.Killer description: Allows you to tp to a to your killer while a ghost default: op
  • CharonsFerry.Haunt: description: Allows you to tp to a player while a ghost. default: op
  • CheronsFerry.Poltergeist: description: Allows a ghost to be interact with its environment, and removes most negative ghost effects. default: op
  • CheronsFerry.Boon: description: Allows a user to see if he he will revive upon death default: op
  • CheronsFerry.Boon.Other: description: Allows a user to see what players revive status is. default: op
  • CheronsFerry.ReviveAll: description: Allows a user revive all players. default: op


  • Possible fly mode for Ghosts"
  • Talking to a priest for a revive?
  • Break death sign to revive.
  • Economy support
  • Define regions a player can revive in.
  • If player has a prerevive Give them the option of resuming where they died.
  • Suggestions.

Other information


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