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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.1-R4



  • #channel (no message) sets your active channel

v0.6.1 beta

  • Fixed auto-set-on-join
  • Fixed persist-relogs

v0.6 beta

  • Converted to new configuration lib... (That was horrible)
  • allow-create-channels option.
    • If you have the permission, you will ALWAYS be able to create channels
  • Added full compatibility with 1.1
  • Modules are likely to be broken until updated, if you have a broken module, please check the jenkins page for any updates!
  • /cc list now shows all channels joined.
  • Added persist relog (Does not work! I'm sorry. I forgot it was broken)
  • Umm... Bits of code refactoring.

v0.5.2 beta

  • Really fixed config.yml generation

v0.5.1 beta

  • Fixed config.yml generation (Now it will always update when changes are made to core)

v0.5 beta

  • Added notice of active channel on login
  • Broke all modules! Please update
  • Removed (built in) Factions Support: Use the module!
  • Cleaned files a bit more
  • Complete Custom Event Manager!
  • Fixed a few (module) bugs
  • Added configuration option: "auto-set-on-join" (default: false)
    • Will set your current channel on join

v0.4.5 beta

  • Updated to Factions 1.6
  • Will not work with factions below 1.6

v0.4.4 beta

  • Removed some alpha code
  • Temporary fix to prevent deletion of custom channels.
  • This time it was herobrine.

v0.4.3 beta

  • ... Magical Unicorns

v0.4.2 beta

  • Fixed NPE error... Friggin' invisible pink unicorns.

v0.4.1 beta

  • Removed debug messages
  • Removed invisible pink unicorns

v0.4 beta

  • Channel System has more or less been finalized! Meaning:
    • Local Channels are Finalized
      • Includes an optional "null_message" for no people in range, set to empty if you don't want a message
    • World Channels are finalized
      • You can use any formation of {WORD} as you like, it will replace {world} with "WorldNameHere"
  • Introducing Custom Channels
    • You can make your own channels! FactionChannel and TownyChannel have been made here
  • Added Aliases!
    • You can now have aliases for channels. You can use either one to chat!
  • Added custom quick chat(Beta)!
    • use: #channelname/alias message to send the message
  • Added lots of API things for other plugins to hook into... No documentation for them though. :D

v0.3 beta

  • Changed Tags, must now include everything you want to display.
    • Added color support: `ColorCode (EG: `1This text is blue)
  • Fixed quick chat. :)

v0.2 beta

  • New Channel Types
    • Local (in-dev), World (in-dev)
  • More settings in channels.yml
  • New command:
    • /cc active (returns active channel)
  • Forgot any other new features. :O
  • Bug Fixes:
    • AutoJoin on /reload
    • Apply all changes from Channels.yml on /cc reload
    • /cc delete Errors
    • password glitch
    • Channel spacing
    • "Active" check
    • All other bugs (yes, I'm being serious)

v0.1 beta

  • Beta Release