Changeblock V1.1 - Changes Blocks in the blink of an eye!

Changeblock - Change Blocks In the blink of a eye! Version: v1.1

Changeblock Now Supports Permissions!

Basic Description: Changeblock is a plugin which allows the user to change blocks by hitting them. You can toggle the specified block to be changed to via using a certain command (shown below) These functions may be useful for quick mistake corrections with building, insta mining (changing the block to 0) etc. More info below:

How to use: Use /blockchanger to enable/disable changeblock then use /blockchanger <Block ID> To toggle the block! then simple whack the block you want to change!

Commands and Permissions: /blockchanger (Toggles Changeblock) -Blockchanger.use /blockchanger<Block ID> (Toggles Block) -Blockchanger.use

Features: Gives the ability to change blocks Instant Mine When Block is set to 0 Download Changeblock:

Changelog: Version 1.1 Added the ability to change to any block. Bug Fixes Now supports Permissions x3

Version 1.0

Released plugin


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