Adding chances to crafting. Jobs integration for leveling support and potential (but complicated for the function) craft-blocker.


A plugin that adds chances to crafting an item or block giving players a reason to visit a specialist with and for higher chances of success.


This plugin was created when I discovered that Jobs lacked a few functions I desired. The problem I have with Jobs is that it becomes the driving force of the economy on the server. It stimulates the player just to farm for the money, and the best job that is almost always available to do so is the miner. The miner gets his money from mining the block, but can then sell it again to higher-functioning jobs (smith, forger etc) to make double profit. In turn, Jobs doesn't have a craft-blocker to make certain profession exclusive meaning that the miner could also forge their own tools as they desire and sell them themselves.

This will drive more and more players to be a miner, because it is simple to make profit from it. Result: everyone is a miner and the few who are depending on the miners have difficulty to keep their shop open (when having to pay tax).

However, I don't want to deny the player to at least try creating the goods themselves. For moments when a specialist is not around, or the shops they keep are sold out.

This resulted in the creation of ChanceCraft. I hope that this plugin will change that and giving players a reason to visit the specialist.


  • Set chances on craftable items and blocks.
  • Make the item exclusive for (multiple) profession(s).
  • Level support, the higher the level the higher the chance (linear calculation).

Development Status

Revived from the dead-project-bin


Nearly Finished (TM).

This plugin had an iteration before the current one. Unfortunate a bug prevented me from finishing it. Now completely rewritten from scratch I hope that it will function as I intended to. But like I want to point out: It is nearly finished. Associated, but not to be confused with the Coming Soon(TM). (Lets say I intend to release this in a shorter time span that is associated to the Coming Soon.)

Update on this matter:

Due to other projects I started around the same time and the seemingly no interest at the beginning of rewriting this plugin. This project came on a side-track. But since 05-12-'11 this plugin is in closed alpha-testing. Meaning, I am debugging the finished code.

Planned Features

  • Add itemname support
  • Add permission to bypass event/commands, (for admins)
  • Add commands to let the player (self/other) see their chances on crafting
  • Add commands to toggle the bypass.
  • Get the max chance from the actual chance, not mere the highest level.
  • Smelting.
  • Ability to add custom level - chance list.


  • SPOUT! , this plugin uses the CraftEvents from spout, without spout the plugin will simply disable itself.
  • JOBS! (optional), although this plugin was meant to extend the functionality of Jobs, it can function without jobs.

Further More

I am open for further suggestions. Please post them in the ticket section.


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