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Tired of people cursing on your server and reading their immature messages or what they think of your family? Search no more! CensorIt is the plugin for you. CensorIt has been specifically designed to remove unwanted words no matter how they are spelt, let it be with special characters, repeated characters, spaces or capitals!

The plugin contains a list of censored words and a list of allowed words. This way you can censor for example ass without censoring glass, assassin, grass, etc. You only need to add the normal form of the word in lower case. For example if you censor only ass, the plugin takes care of preventing ass, AsS, @$$, a ss, a.ss, a s s or a_s_s.

The plugin also has a learning function with which verifies online for the existence of a word and automatically adds them to the allowed list. It makes censoring a little slower at first, but as words are added automatically to the allowed lists it will become faster.

The plugin also contains a public API which can be used by Other plugins to censor many different things involving text like signs, whispers, shouts (these features are not included in this simple plugin).


  1. Get the latest recommended build of CraftBukkit here.
  2. Download file CensorIt.jar and place it in your Plugins subfolder
  3. Start the server once and stop it.
  4. Go in folder Plugins\CensorIt
  5. Open file censored.txt and add the words that you want to censor. It is suggested to modify these files in Notepad++.
  6. Optional : Open file allowed.txt and add the words that you want to prevent from being censored. (e.g. assassin, grass, glass)
  7. Optional : Open file replacement.txt and add the words that you want to use as replacement words when /censorit replaceon is active. (e.g. cloud, hug, happy)
  8. Start your server


General commands (require CensorIt.word and/or CensorIt.admin permissions)
  • /censorit config - List configuration commands.
  • /censorit word - List word management commands.
CensorIt.admin commands
  • /censorit enable - Server-wide enable censoring.
  • /censorit disable - Server-wide disable censoring.
  • /censorit reload - Reload configuration.
  • /censorit verify - SLOW! Verify words online (added to allowed list). Currently using http://dictionary.cambridge.org/ dictionary. Other plugins can change this property through the API.
  • /censorit unverify - Stop verifying words online.
  • /censorit replaceon - Enable word replacement (e.g. bird, flower).
  • /censorit replaceoff - Disable word replacement.
CensorIt.word commands
  • /censorit censor|uncensor - Censor or uncensor a word. (e.g. ass, fuck)
  • /censorit allow|unallow - Allow or unallow a word. (e.g. grass, assassin)
  • /censorit replace|unreplace - Add or remove a replacement word. (e.g. bird, flower)

How to connect to the API from your plugin

  1. Add an external reference to CensorIt.jar
  2. Modify your onEnable event to verify if the CensorIt plugin is present like so : getServer().getPluginManager().isPluginEnabled("CensorIt")
  3. In the class you want to use the API in, import com.worldcretornica.censorit.CensorItAPI
  4. You do not need to instantiate the API, it is a static class and contains the same configuration as other plugins. Just type CensorItAPI.something to get the list of available commands.
  5. Basic usage : use the function CensorItAPI.censor(string) to receive the string censored

Things to do

  • Save the censoring state configurations : verify, enabled, replace words. Currently only the word lists are saved.
  • Add option to color censored words/replacement words.
  • If possible, need to find a way to disable censoring for the current player. Best would be to leave this to other plugins to implement. If someone has a suggestion on how to implement this without breaking other plugins please tell me how.
  • Check for 8 used as a b and () used as an o
  • Fix incompatibility with SpamHammer. Censored text don't count as spam for some reason
  • Put option to censor IPs
  • Add other charset support (e.g. russia). I thought they would already work but I've been told otherwise.


Version 0.1
  • Initial release


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