Cenotaph - A Dead Man's Chest plugin

Version: 3.0.1

Plugin Dependencies

Lockette (Optional) OR LWC (Optional)

Cenotaph is a fork of the most excellent Tombstone by Drakia. I decided to take it up and add some features I wanted (and that some users on the forums have requested).

Download, Source, and Bug Reports/Feature Suggestions

Github: http://github.com/Southpaw018/Cenotaph

What's a Cenotaph?

A Cenotaph is a monument to a dead person who is either buried elsewhere or whose body is not available for burial. If you think about it, it exactly fits the situation - there's no body, since you've respawned ;)


When your players die, depending on how you have things set up, their items will be placed in a Dead Man's Chest for safekeeping. You can require that your players carry around chests and signs of their own at all times, or simply have the chests appear on death. You can also secure the chests with LWC3 or Lockette.

Detailed Feature List

  • If the player is carrying a chest when they die, place that chest and fill it with as much of their inventory as possible
  • If the player is allowed, and is carrying two chests, a large chest will spawn to catch all of their inventory
  • Possible for specific groups/players to be given free chests with no need to carry one with them
  • Any items that won't fit in the chest will still drop to the ground!
  • Supports the Permissions plugin, will default to allowing everyone to use basic cenotaph if not available
  • Supports LWC for chest AND sign protection if it is installed
  • Supports Lockette for chest protection if it is installed
  • Configurable timeout for LWC unprotection
  • Configurable timeout for destruction of cenotaphs, works in unloaded chunks as well
  • Quickloot support, right click the sign on a cenotaph to loot all items in it (your chest only!)
  • Place a sign on top of the chest stating the players name and time of death
  • The ability to point your compass at your cenotaph
  • Customizable sign messages on the cenotaph
  • Admin commands for management

Coming Soon

See what's coming soon, report bugs, and add your own requests on the Github project!
1.3: Initial public release, Lockette support
1.4: General features and bug fixes, round 1
1.5: Plugin organization
1.6: Additional features
2.0: Brought back from the dead after 5 months of inactivity, updated for Release
2.1: Highly requested features
2.2 (3.0): Major plugin and messaging cleanup
3.1: Economy integration, Towny integration
3.2: More feature requests?


See the default config file on Github for annotations and explanations.

Config notes

  • If you are going to be giving your players a free chest/sign, but don't want them to be able to retrieve those as extra items, set the noDestroy option in the Cenotaph config file.
  • If you do set the noDestroy option, it is highly recommended that you set a timeout for Cenotaph removal, because even once LWC is disabled the chest is still not destroyable by any means other than quicklooting it or an admin with permissions breaking it.
  • With noDestroy enabled, if a player dies without a sign, then their chest will be indestructible until it is removed by Cenotaph itself.
  • It is not recommended to use the noDestroy option without the destroyQuickLoot option


cenotaph.use - Allow the player/group to use the cenotaph plugin
cenotaph.freechest - Allow the player to get a chest whether they are carrying a chest or not
cenotaph.large - Allow the player to spawn a large chest if carrying two chests and if one will fit
cenotaph.lwc - Protect the placed chest if LWC is enabled
cenotaph.lockette - Protect the placed chest if Lockette is enabled
cenotaph.sign - Whether the player gets a sign on their cenotaph chest
cenotaph.freesign - Allow the player to get a free sign whether they are carrying one or not.
cenotaph.freelockettesign - asd
cenotaph.quickloot - Whether to allow a player/group to quickloot by right clicking the cenotaph sign.

cenotaph.cmd.cenotaphlist - Allow this user to use /cenlist
cenotaph.cmd.cenotaphfind - Allow this user to use /cenfind
cenotaph.cmd.cenotaphtime - Allow this user to use /centime
cenotaph.cmd.cenotaphreset - Allow this user to use /cenreset

cenotaph.admin - Allow this user to physically destroy others' cenotaphs. Also a prerequisite for use of the other admin commands
cenotaph.admin.list - Allow this user to see all cenotaphs
cenotaph.admin.find - Allow this user to find any cenotaph
cenotaph.admin.time - Allow this user to check the time left on any cenotaph
cenotaph.admin.remove - Allow this user to destroy any cenotaph


@Drakia: Cenotaph was originally Tombstone, by Drakia (TheDgtl). Many thanks to him for his hard work on the original plugin.
@Acru: Thanks to Acru, the developer of Lockette, as well. His help getting the Lockette integration working as I stumbled by way though picking up Java was invaluable. :)


/cenlist - List all your cenotaphs
/cenfind <index> - Gives you a direction from your current location to your cenotaph and sets your compass to point at it
/ceninfo <index> - Tells you how much time is left before the specified cenotaph has its protection remove or it breaks
/cenreset - Reset compass to point to spawn

/cenadmin list - List all players who have cenotaphs spawned
/cenadmin list <player> - List all cenotaphs belonging to <player>
/cenadmin find <player> <index> - Show details on <player>'s cenotaph <index>
/cenadmin remove <player> <index> - Destroys <player>'s cenotaph <index> and drops its contents on the ground
/cenadmin info <player> <index>
/cenadmin version - Show current version of Cenotaph and check for a new version


[Version 3.0.1]

  • Add option to disable Dynmap
  • Fix error on shutdown when Dynmap is not loaded/enabled
  • A few minor improvements in speed/efficiency
  • When used without an index number, the find and info commands now default to the last (most recent) cenotaph instead of giving an error message
  • More cleanup in the command handler
  • Permission update: .cenotaphtime and .admin.time are now .cenotaphinfo and .admin.info. The old permissions will continue to work.

[Version 3.0]

  • Major code refactoring (you can't see it, but trust me, it's awesome)
  • Total messaging overhaul. Messages are clearer, simpler, and better formatted
  • centime is now ceninfo (centime will continue to work)
  • Admin commands now match on partial or similar player names instead of requiring full case-sensitive name
  • Dynmap integration

[Version 2.1.2]

  • Optimized break override options (keepUntilEmpty and breakWhenEmpty)
  • Add death messages for beta 1.8 monsters (Finally...yikes. Sorry, everyone.)
  • Work around an error caused by missing or invalid deathMessage entries (Thanks, @ffkhrocks)

[Version 2.1.1]

  • Fix issue loading .db save files from pre-2.1 versions (Thanks, @Inscrutable)

[Version 2.1]

  • Added option for level-based time removal
  • Added requirement for Lockette sign to be carried in inventory (free sign permission available)
  • Added option to disable in specific worlds by name

[Version 2.0]

  • Updated listeners to new Bukkit API
  • Updated config to new Bukkit API
  • Removed support for Nijikokun's old Permissions plugin
  • Updated to latest LWC API
  • Added cenadmin reload command

(See README for full changelog)


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