What is Celebrities?

Celebrities is a plugin that allows server owners to recognize when someone important in the Minecraft community joins their server. Customizable commands can be executed, and a broadcast will go out to everyone!

Who are the Celebrities?

Celebrities are members of the Minecraft community, who have had a large impact on what it is today. There are two lists of players that can be matched:

  1. Your local list. Found in the config.
  2. Global database(Managed and updated by me). The plugin will check this database for players, to count them as a celebrity. This can be turned off.
Who Qualifies for Celebrity Status?
  • YouTubers: Any MINECRAFT YouTuber with over 50k subs can apply/be recommended for celebrity status.
  • Team Mojang Anyone employed by Mojang is automatically a Celebrity. Even if they don't work on the game.
  • Map Creators Any well known map creator (Hypixel, FVDisco, etc)
  • Developers Any developer that is well known. Mods, plugins, etc. (At least 20k downloads total)
  • MORE If you feel that you or someone you know is fairly famous, let me know!
    • Apply/Recommend a Celebrity in the comments!

How Does the Global Database Work?

The global celebrities database is checked every time someone logs in. If that player is found in the database, they will be announced, and the commands will be ran. You do not need to re-install the plugin to receive the newest lists, it will automatically search the newest list possible! I will constantly be adding players to the list!


  • Custom_Celebs: This list contains the usernames for celebrities that you would like added, on top of the global database. (This will only count them as celebrities on your server.)
  • NAME: Under each name, you will have to provide a position, and a link. You can use "_" to represent spaces.
  • Commands: This is a list of commands to run when a celebrity joins the server. (From the global or local database). Replaces %p% with the name.
  • global_listings: If you would just like to use your own celebrity list, you may do that as well.


  • Reload Config Command
  • Add celebrity command

==== The current list can be found here. (I will make it nicer in a bit) ====

==== Because bukkit requires it....the plugin uses this page to collect data.====


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