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CCTV Camera

Current Version - Version 2.8

For CraftBukkit - 1.4.7-R1.0

Expected revival starting by July, 2014. A complete recode using a more efficient method will occur, addressing all reported bugs. Expect a much more efficient version with minimal bugs. Expected to be finished August, 2014

Add cameras to monitor your server!
No Client-side add-ons needed!(No Spout)

What is it?

CCTV Cameras is a plugin developed by sayaad as an attempt to fulfil this plugin requests.

How Does it work?

This goes by the workaround that dibujaron taught of. That is, you create a screen and a camera then rightclick the screen to teleport to the respective camera.

There are 2 types of cameras :

  • Dispenser Cameras - These use the dispenser block (because they look like cameras to us) as the camera screen. The direction the dispenser is faceing when you teleport to it. If you attempt to look to a diffrent side, you get teleported to the correct side and, for both types of cameras, if you attempt to move/break blocks/interact/hurt players, the action in undone.
  • 360 Cameras - Unlike the dispenser cameras, these cameras can be any block type specified in the config and allows for a 360 view of the environment.

When you teleport to a camera you cannot interact with the environment. You will be inside of a glass block which gives a nice black block outline as to a real camera screen.


  • No Spout Needed!
  • Configurable whether only the player created the camera-screen links can use them. Configurable camera block ids and screen block ids.
  • Multi world support (screens can be in different world than cameras)
  • Ability for players to see who is in a camera while viewing them.
  • Creation wizard to avoid misconfigurations.

Commands and How To's

<> = required [] = optional

  • /cctv create camera <camera name> - Enter camera creation mode. USE THIS COMMAND FIRST. After entering the command, left click your eligible camera block (default : dispensers, sponges, obsidian). If you screw up, the plugin will detect it.
  • /cctv create screen <screen name> - Enter screen creation mode. USE THIS COMMAND AFTER CREATING CAMERA. Right-click eligible screen block to create a screen (default : Black wool, Grey Wool).
  • /cctv link [camera name] [screen name] - Links the two. Use this AFTER you entered the above two commands. ^
    After you link the two, you may right click the screen to teleport to the camera. When you are in the camera, you rightclick to exit it.
  • /cctv modify [param] [true | false] - modifies the camera not linked yet. Params : public - when true, anyone can use the camera.
  • /cctv delete link - Enter Link deletion mode. (You cannot delete a link that is not yours).

Note : You Rightclick to exit the camera.


# Camera Config Options
    # Which block IDS can be a camera? Separated by "," 
       # 49 = Obsidian, 19 = Sponge, 23 = Dispenser.
  Camera Block IDS: 49,19,23
    # Allow dispenser cameras or only 360 cameras are created?
  Camera can be dispenser: true
#Screen Config Options
    # Which block IDS can be a screen? Separated by ",".
      # 35:15 = Black Wool , 35:7 = Grey Wool
  Screen Block IDS: 35:15,35:7
#General Config options
    #Creates either glowstone or glass under a camera
  Create Glowstone under camera: false
    #Self explanatory
  Invisible while viewing camera: true


  • cctv.create - all CCTV Camera commands.
  • cctv.use - Permission to use the camera
  • cctv.admin.spy - Allows server admins to view all cameras. Whether public or private.


Thanks a lot to WoopaGaming for the video!


Filing errors

Please....please do not post errors on the comments on the plugin as they spam the comments and lead to me not being able to read other people's messages and also that the amount of chars per line is too small so that I will not be able to read and decipher the error as fast as I normally would.

I manage the following :

If you wish, you can put it in the form of a paste.

Live Graph Feed of Usage

Live Feed


  • See file for corresponding change log.



^ The image is a link in case you did not know ^

Delete the CCTV Camera folder in your plugins folder OR delete the Links.txt file located in the Data folder in the CCTV Camera folder before updating if specified.


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