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July 18th, 2016 Updated Notification

From LigerXT5:

Only One Room Generating?

I suggest checking your config. If it doesn't have the 1.7 new blocks (Granite, Andesite, etc.), the plugin will try to build around them. Add them to the config to be replaced by catacombs on plan and build. Refer to the attached config as a reference/example. If you have a lot of caves or "air" blocks in the area of building, add Air to the list as well. Great if you want floating catacombs in an Empty World.

Catacombs - Random Dungeon Generator:

Builds configurable dungeons under your feet for players to explore and loot. I wrote my own level builder but I guess it's a homage to those text based classics like Nethack and of course Angband.



  • Generates random multi-level dungeons.
  • Only builds in solid regions it considers natural. Can build anywhere by adding AIR to config.
  • Admins can build dungeons, Players can explore them.
  • All commands are integrated with Permissions.
  • Integrated with most common economy systems (using Vault) (optional)
  • Secret doors
  • Information persists using sqlite database (no setup required)
  • Only the toughest adventurers will survive without armour, weapons, food and torches.
  • Special chests at strategic points to add to the general loot.
  • Configurable Dungeon layout and content.
  • Dungeons can be size/configured so they work better with parties of players.
  • Admins can easily unprotect, reset, suspend, enable or fill dungeons in.
  • Multiple world compatible.
  • Here are some Spoilers giving you a taste of what you might find.
  • And here are a couple of pictures.

Configuration page

Check out images for pictures of the hut types.

Having problems? Check out the FAQ

I made a short tutorial on how to plan and build a dungeon.

Here is a detailed demo and tutorial kindly done by Samkio and Torrent (WoopaGaming)

Here is a detailed demo and tutorial kindly done by BukkitDE (in German)

Here is a short demo kindly done by AbsintoJ (I think in Portuguese)






  • Credit to the Vault team for supplying a simple way to hook into assorted permissions and economy plugins.
  • Credits to Samkio and Torrent (WoopaGaming) for recording a demo and tutorial.
  • Credits to Jeussa and MnMaxon from Spigot for updating the plugins via donations from LigerXT5


  • Replace Iron Blocks with Anvils. Create a config option to toggle this for MCMMO servers.
  • Jeussa added a way to customize loot, similar to Essentials's configs for kits with item names, lore, etc. I would like a way to do the same with the mob spawners. Currently I have to use CreatureSpawners and edit each spawner to customize the catacomb experience. One person contacted me about adding support for MythicMobs. I have no preference on this. But the extra abilities, I am sure some server admins would like.
  • Cobwebs only spawn once, during first generation. Though I want to say this is a bug, it would be nice that web had a set percentage, customizable in the config, either in general, or per catacomb style.
  • We are limited to a set selection of huts, per say, that appear at the top of the catacomb. These are the buildings that you see at the start before climbing down to the first floor of monsters. There is no way to add schematics to customize these. Though we can edit the area after generation, the protection boundaries are set. Which then requires an additional worldguard region.
  • Same as above, the rare/unique rooms are hard set, and would be nice to add some variety. I have no clue how hard this would be to add some more rooms in, along with each room having a percent chance.
  • Add in a command variable to the /catacombs delete CatName. Currently it defaults to replacing everything and filling in the rooms with Stone. If creating in, let's say the Nether, it would be nice to add at the end the name of the block to use to replace with, instead of stone. Such as the Nether, it would be Netherrack, or using the EmptyWorldGen (currently for testing in) with Air.


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