Castle Defence for SimpleClan

What is it ?

Castle Defence for Simple Clan is the attack and defence mini-game of any area base on simple clans. The defenders need to protect their core(block) from the attackers, if the attackers break it, attackers win. Any winner clan ( attack or defender ) have the right over that area until next event !
All this is base on simple-clans !

this will be focus on castle... but can be use for any defence mini-game system or just use protect system with simple clans!

Very easy to setup - very easy to use - :)

Last Dev-Build


v 1.0.0

  • Update to BK 1.16
  • Remove Combat-Tag support
  • Update to SimpleClans 2.15.2 ( not legacy )
  • Change config from ID core block to STRING name core block
  • Release as version 1.0


  • Mini-game Defence
  • Protect some area for some clan ( simple clan )
  • Mysql | Sqlite support
  • CombatTag Support  Removed in 1.0.0


  • Set auto-event
  • Add setflag command Done in 1.0.0
  • Add Translate support
  • Add Full Mini-game system
    • Rollback destroy blocks on game end Done i n 1.0.0
    • Add Classes
    • Add Spawn for different clans


  • cdsc.admin ( All permission )
    • cdsc.update ( For Update ) Remove on 0.1.8
    • cdsc.define ( For Define Area)
    • cdsc.delete ( For Delete Area )
    • cdsc.reload ( For reload )
    • cdsc.wand ( For wand )
    • cdsc.start ( For start event )
    • cdsc.end ( For end event )
    • ( For set core )
    • ( For tp to area )
    • ( For info )
    • cdsc.list ( For list )
    • cdsc.setexit ( For set exit )
    • cdsc.bypass ( For admin be able to block inside protection )
    • cdsc.spawn ( For spawn tp and owner spawn )
    • cdsc.setflag ( For set flag command )
    • cdsc.delflag ( For del flag command )


/cd <w or wand> - give you stick to set area ( like worldguard )
/cd <d or define> <areaname> <clanTag> - save the area you made with wand
/cd <i or info> - info about area you are
/cd <l or list> - list all areas
/cd <dl or delete> <areaname> - delete an already created area
/cd <tp or teleport> <areaname> - telepot to already created area
/cd <sc or setcore> - Set core of this area to target block
/cd <se or setexit> <areaname> - Set the exit point for all not allow players
/cd spawn <areaname> - Set owner and tp spawn
/cd <s or start> - Start the event ( allow all to pass on protected area )
/cd <e or end> - End the Event
/cd update - update plugin Removed on 0.1.7
/cd <sf or setflag> <flag> <areaname> - Set the flag - on +0.1.8
/cd <df or delflag> <flag> <areaname> - Delete the flag - on +0.1.8
/cd reload - reload plugin
/cd < help | ? | nothing > - get help on commands

Setup Area for the event

  1. Get the wand /cd wand
  2. Set first and second spot
  3. Call /cd define <area_name> <clan_tag_owner>
  4. Target the block that will be the core and /cd setcore
  5. Stay in the spot that will be the exit point for not allowed players and /cd setexit <areaname>
  6. Stay in the spot that will be the spawn of tp and owner players clan and /cd spawn <areaname>
  7. hint 1  : <clan_tag_owner> can be "staff" if no one have this area yet !
  8. hint 2  : set core work on location , if you put any block there after set core , this will be the core.

Start / End Event

Every start corelife will be reset

Start the event with /cd start and all clans will be allowed to enter the areas and try to hit the core. if the core of some area reach 0 during the event the attacking clan will get the area and the event will end. right now you need to end with /cd end if you anyone get the core in time.

can be auto start/end in the future

Flag System

Start on 0.1.8 you have option to include flag on your area :

Flag: blockplaceduringevent

How its works : During the event all players will be able to place any block on that area

Flag: blockbreakduringevent
How its works : During the event all players will be able to place destroy any block on that area

Flag: rebuildafterend
How its works : at the end of event all destroy or placed blocks during the event will be remade

Flag: denyclanbreak
How its works : Deny clan members to break any block inside that area

Flag: denyclanplace
How its works : Deny clan members to place any block inside that area


  • Vault
  • SimpleClan 2.5.12


This plugin is installed much like every other plugin. Put the jar file in your /plugins/ folder and restart the server. The config files automatically appear in the /plugins/CDSC/ folder


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