CasinoSlots 2.5.7


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    May 11, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.7.4



  • Fixed [player] sometimes not being replaced in broadcast and command actions
  • Fixed variables not being replaced if there was a color code in front of them
  • Fixed the console not being able to do /casino remove
  • Play a sound at location and not just for the playing player


  • Load the plugin after the worlds have been loaded, this way we don't get any of the NPEs


  • Using the logger provided with Bukkit
  • Added support for withdrawing money from a player's account, if the reward money is negative it withdraws the money from the player
  • Added a check to see if the config exists or not with the config-version property. If the config-version does not equal 1.0, the config will copy over it's default options.
  • Added config option to display the information when we kept a chunk loaded, this defaults to false. (see:
  • Added an option to allow types to also cost items
  • Added another /casino set option, this time to set the additional item the type costs.
  • Added an option to check Towny
    • If enabled, will check if the player is a mayor, has a town, and is the resident of a town
    • Option to allow only mayors to create them
    • Option to allow only players who are part of a town to create them
    • Configurable messages for only mayors creating them, only players with towns, and the messages they see whenever they don't have ownership of the plot where the things would be.
  • Added an option to check World Guard if the player has permission to build where the slot will be
  • Added an alias to the adds, you can now do /casino create
  • Added an alias to remove, can now do /casino delete
  • Added an option to smite the player more than once with that action reward (see:
  • Added more variables for the broadcast message
    • [type] The name of the type of the slot machine.
    • [moneyown] The amount of money won!
  • Added /casino set debug to toggle if we're in debugging or not, note: This isn't in /casino set as debugging is very spamming to the console and it is only temporary.
  • Fixed the chunk listener from testing the same chunk over and over.
  • Fixed the broadcast action not including the latest colors.
  • Fixed the action list not being acting like a list
  • Fixed the console not being able to do /casino list
  • Fixed the console not being able to do /casino reload
  • Fixed the console not being able to do /casino stats
  • Fixed the console not being able to do /casino toggle
  • Fixed the console not being able to do /casino version
  • Fixed the console not being able to do /casino
  • Fixed the console /casino to only display what the console can do
  • Fixed players with create managed permissions see the commands they are allowed
  • Fixed players being able to toggle if a slot is enabled or not even if they didn't have permission
  • Fixed /casino set being open to all players.
  • Fixed a NPE when an Explosion had no blocks
  • Fixed permissions not working correctly, now you can give players casinoslots.create.managed.<type> and they'll be able to create that type (
  • Fixed sounds not playing, now using the new API for sounds
    • Note to people using tekkit, you will need to change the bukkit-version to something smaller than 2377 or else you will get errors.

Sometimes the slots freeze and good winnings happen.