CasinoSlots 2.5.2


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    Aug 24, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.3.1-R2.0



  • Fixed the stats.yml file being over wrote each restart/reload
  • Fixed the stats.yml displaying incorrect data
  • Fixed the slots.yml not being saved when something was done to it, mostly noticeable when using managed slots (thanks LlmDl for noticing this)
  • Fixed the prefix, colors, and all that from not changing when doing a /casino reload
  • Fixed an NPE with the 'give' action.
  • Added support for the new color codes
  • Added new stats, wins and losts. This way you can keep track of how many people won it and how many people lost.
  • Added a debugging option, I would advise as to not use tends to spam the console a lot.
  • Simplified the permissions check
  • Made reloading the config and what happens during that a little better.


  • Fixed the slots.yml file not saving when being changed


  • Fixed the reels displaying duplicate blocks
  • Fixed the stats.yml not being saved
  • Re-added the reload command
  • Added the ability to give out enchanted items as rewards. (See this as an example.)


  • Added /casino set sign <slot>
    • This makes it so you can punch and sign and that sign will update with the latest winner
  • Added /casino set type <slotname> <type>
    • This allows you to change the type of a slot machine to something different
  • Enhanced the way the PlayerListner is handled
  • Made the plugin check the chunks for both the controller and one of the reel blocks
  • Started working on getting managed slots able to be made with permissions
  • Created a check when loading for the seemingly random NPE on getBlock, tells you what to do now


  • Fixed chunks unloading that had slots in it
  • Added a command to see which version you're on, /casino version
  • Blocked explosions from destorying any blocks when it had a CasinoSlot in it
  • Made a majority of the actions time configurable, see
  • Added several new actions
    • addxplvl - Add levels to a player
    • gocrazy - Makes the player's screen go crazy and inverted
    • highjump - A player is able to jump high (still taking fall damage)
    • digfast - A player is able to dig fast naturally
    • kick - Kicks the player with the message "You cheated the Casino!"
    • hulkup - Player has insane strength!!


  • Added the following permissions for creating managed slots:
    • casinoslots.create.managed
    • casinoslots.create.managed.*
    • casinoslots.create.managed.type
  • Note: To create a managed slot the player who's creating it must have both casinoslots.create.managed and either casinoslots.create.managed.* or casinoslots.create.managed.type (where type is the name of the type being added)


  • Made the give action require a , for the damage value. So, action: give 383,54 1 would give you one zombie spawning egg upon winning.


  • Fixed being able to withdraw more than is in the slot's account
  • Fixed the withdraw/deposit messages being the same, now withdraw actually says withdraw
  • Added a message for when getting the blocks during load returns null, will now display a message saying which one was the problem


  • Fixed the config file not saving sometimes
  • Fixed so that Admins see the information about the slot no matter if they own it or not
  • Removed the plugin saving the config file on disable, thus enabling editing while the server is running
  • Added the ability to use damage values on block ids
  • Added the ability to set rewards for damage value blocks
  • Added the help messages being shown on right clicking the control block when the player isn't the owner
  • Added it so that it plays the C Major Chord upon winning :)
  • Fixed/Added a smarter broadcast action, can include [cost] and [player]


  • Completely removed the code that was trying to make the [cost] look right, too bad that look good when it worked ;/


  • A workaround for the Array Out of Bounds, you all should edit your economy's config right.
  • Hopefully fixed the ever more persist "Displays the command guide." message being shown, was my fault.


  • Hopefully fixed the start up error that was random with iConomy6
  • Fixed /casino withdraw to actually give money to the player and take it from the slot
  • Fixed /casino deposit to actually take money from the player and give it to the slot
  • Fixed the random "Displays the command guide."



  • Made a quick hacky way of telling you your config is messed up, aka the plugin won't work until you fix it thus the plugin is disabled and you get a ton of errors (this will be interesting to see the amount of people tell me there's a bug)
  • Hopefully fixed the issue when a block gets three in a row and it doesn't have a reward message
  • Added .* and some other permission nodes, see here for info on it
  • Fixed everyone being able to create any slot, sorry for the inconvenience there
  • Made the message that comes up when the player doesn't have permission to use it configurable per slot. See this for an example.
  • Started working on the configuration page, tons of stuff still to do though.


  • Fix (I believe) for the ArrayOutofBounds


  • Fixed creation and playing costs being fixed at what they were
  • Fix for /casino types new <type>, can't promise it will work as I forgot to test
  • Fixed saving of funds in managed slots
  • Made managed slots work 99.9% better, see for information on how to set up a managed slot.
  • Added /casino withdraw
  • Added /casino deposit
  • Added /casino setowner
  • Added /casino toggle
  • Added the ability to change the in game prefix to whatever you want
  • Added three new actions
    • Drugup
    • Fire
    • goBlind
  • Disabled /casino reload as it was casino problems and wasn't working like people expected it to.
  • Permission nodes have changed, see

Due to some change with minecraft and bukkit, the noteblocks no longer play sounds when used via the API. Waiting for the recent dev builds to become a recommended build, once that happens this will be fixed since they added new APIs.