CasinoSlots 2.2.0


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    Apr 17, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.2.5


You can now make CasinoSlots that have people pay them with items!!!



  • Made a quick hacky way of telling you your config is messed up, aka the plugin won't work until you fix it thus the plugin is disabled and you get a ton of errors (this will be interesting to see the amount of people tell me there's a bug)
  • Hopefully fixed the issue when a block gets three in a row and it doesn't have a reward message
  • Added .* and some other permission nodes, see here for info on it
  • Fixed everyone being able to create any slot, sorry for the inconvenience there
  • Made the message that comes up when the player doesn't have permission to use it configurable per slot. See this for an example.
  • Started working on the configuration page, tons of stuff still to do though.


  • Fix (I believe) for the ArrayOutofBounds


  • Fixed creation and playing costs being fixed at what they were
  • Fix for /casino types new <type>, can't promise it will work as I forgot to test
  • Fixed saving of funds in managed slots
  • Made managed slots work 99.9% better, see for information on how to set up a managed slot.
  • Added /casino withdraw
  • Added /casino deposit
  • Added /casino setowner
  • Added /casino toggle
  • Added the ability to change the in game prefix to whatever you want
  • Added three new actions
    • Drugup
    • Fire
    • goBlind
  • Disabled /casino reload as it was casino problems and wasn't working like people expected it to.
  • Permission nodes have changed, see

You have to shut down the server when editing the configuration files, this will be fixed in the near future. /casino reload still doesn't work - This is my next plan, to figure this out and make it better