== CartoonDeath ==

What does CartoonDeath do? CartoonDeath causes players to go through cartoon like deaths and damages. Its funny to watch and is a lot of fun!


  • Jump into lava? No worries, you pop out just like mario... but your still on fire...
  • TnT will blow you back and then, thinking your safe, you keel over
  • Lightning will really zap you! It makes you fly back and then you die of electrocution
  • Hit a cactus? No problem! Your character will flinch back, but takes extra damage from it.
  • If you get hit by an arrow, egg, or snowball you jump up. Sorta like a view kick
  • Wiley Coyote comes around the corner... falls down the cliff... and bang! Large explosion! Same happens to you if you fall down cliffs! (No extra damage is takes)
  • I'm on fire! Run, run, run! When you are on fire you automatically sprint! (sorta glitchy)

Changelog v1.0

  • Added lava jump
  • Added TnT blow back
  • Added electrocution for lightning
  • Added flinching for cactuses
  • Added view kick for projectiles
  • Added explosions for falling
  • Added sprinting for fire

Configuration Everything does what it says. Everything is also case-sensitive and -must- be all lower case.

Future Features

  • Tombstones (too glitchy at the moment, will figure it out later)
  • Hunger effect?
  • When you get suffocated out comes slime, like you were squished
  • Other effects from being attacked by mobs and other players?


Problems? Contact me through the comments or tickets. Want a feature? Also contact me through the comments.

Thank you!


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